LMR: Grinnel RD to Trebien RD

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  1. Any body ever float this stretch of river? It looks like about a 10 mile run. I have been looking at google maps and this looks like a good day trip that isn't too far from home. I was just wondering if there are any parts of the river that I should be aware of before making the trip? I have been kayaking for several years so I have the experience but I have never been on this stretch of river. is there even any access at grinnell rd? I have been fishing from trebein and paddling upstream and floating back down but I want to try more. any comments or suggestions?
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    I put in recently at Jacoby Rd. and went to Fairgrounds Rd.. Last summer I floated Fairgrounds Rd. down to Trebein. I have done Trebein and further south 100 times. I cannot comment on Grinnel to Jacoby. Jacoby to Fairgrounds took me roughly 7 hours or so I think for a roughly 5.5 mile trip, it was long enough for me. I did stop and fish a lot though. From Jacoby to Rt. 68 was very shallow, but a very pretty stretch of river. Some ok places to fish. I caught tons or fish, but mostly very small smallies or a bunch of those creek chub things.

    As you pass 235 and head towards Fairgrounds there are definately some holes to fish. I caught a couple nice smallies, nothing great, but a 10 inch smallie fights like h*ll so it was fun. Shortly after 68 and before 235 is a lowhead dam and strainer. You must portage right for this. Also, before Fairgrounds is a huge strainer, a little more difficult to portage, but do so on the right. You'll have to lift/pull your boat over some downed trees on land. Have fun :)

    Last year, past Fairgrounds, was a HUGE strainer completely blocking the river, almost looked like a huge barricade of trees and garbage. I remember portaging that was very difficult. Haven't been that way this summer so I don't know if it is there, but if it's not, someone went in there with a bulldozer. :)

    Let me know how you do, overall it is a fun stretch of river. Here is the dam I mentioned as well as a nice smallie I got that day.


  3. I rent canoes from Bellbrook canoe rental and the owner said that they weren't dropping people off at trebein unless they were really experienced because there were some bad strainers. Haven't floated it so this is just word of mouth.
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    I think the really bad strainers are north of Trebein. But then again, I haven't been between Fairgrounds and 35 this summer so I don't know. Below 35 all the way to Spring Valley is clear enough.
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    Grinnel to jacoby is a mix of water w/ a lowhead dam that backs up a portion of the river into some very deep water about a mile upstream from jacoby but most of it avgs about 2-4' deep and very clear for a river around here Some decent smallies and crappie,lots of rough fish and a pretty float,used to do that run w/ my last girlfriend many times.That was her fav stretch to just float for scenery,TC1