Lmr float 10/3

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    Floated a section of the lower river looking for wipers. My buddy hooked one at 1st light but no others hooked. He lost it to a bad snap/swivel.
    Man! That river is SWARMING w/ saugers! They were clearing water chasing baitfish up into the shallows. I hooked and landed one 15" 'er that took on the surface! We lost track of the #'s hooked but enought to keep some for the pan. Took them on many colors but olive over gold was best. Hooked all sorts of other stuff too,; a gar,sheepsheads,smallies(none over 14"),ky spots,crappie,wht bass,quillback.
    River was low and clear,water temp was 70 in the am. Cloudy most of the day and when the sun came out once for about an hour the bite shut down on everything but really kicked in when heavier cloud cover moved in...became one of those days where you hook a fish where-ever you think "that's a good spot" and cast to it.Repeatedly.We got out and pulled the boat back up or oared back to drift some runs repeatedly as we kept hooking fish.Most fish came from thigh-5' deep runs(visible-moderate current) and pools w/ larger rocks strung out across the bottom but crappe,ky spot and wht bass from the slow sections near structure . Best were banks that had tumbbles of large rock and gravel to indicate such would be the bottom in the water...tick.tick.tick,BAM! Just fast enough to bump bottom. Fished a light rod most of the day and had a blast! Man,there's a lot of fish in that river! Like fishing the stillwater for #'s but a different mix of species.TC1