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LMR Catfish

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ausdenms, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I am new to fishing the LMR and was looking for a couple of good places near Loveland. I am most interested in catching catfish. I do not have access to a canoe so I would most likely be bank fishing or wading to get to places. If anyone can give me any tips or good places to start it would be much appreciated! Thanks, and good luck on the river!!
  2. theres not many people who fish that river for cats, most of the ones i know have been at it since the 60's-70's, i assure you there are lots o cats, and some large ones, though i am not at liberty to tell you certain spots. drift the river in loveland you will find them. the old whirlpool is a pretty well known and a pretty good spot, there is also some water just above and behind isabela that is ok. big live crawfish catch lots of channels and small flatheads, as well as shad heads
    please if you catch any flatheads release them, there is just not enough river to sustain them if people keep to many

  3. Thanks for the tips...I am not familiar with the "old whirlpool" where about on the river is that? I only catch and release so of course that will also be done with the flatheads. Thanks again!
  4. i live in loveland and Ill help you out. i fish the LMR all the time for smallmouth.. I catch catfish pretty regularly on lures though.. I have caught flatheads and channels out of the river. If u go to the loveland bike trail at nisbet park and head north on the bike trail about a 1/4 mile on the left there is a very deep hole which many call the wirl pools. That is a good place to start for flatheads.. Let me warn you that they arent extremely abundant in this river, but they are there.. For channels, try finding a set of rapids that gets deep right afterwards, or an area of swift water that is about 4 ft deep.... downstream of rapids.... you can cast chub minnows undera bobber up stream and let them drift down...this is very effective... I wouldnt recomend targeting channels in slack water.. try water like i mentioned above and you should do alright...they go farther into the rapids than most think....chasing baitfish and such. PM me if youd like.