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  1. I'm heading out to the lmr on sunday morning with a work buddy for some bass fishing. I'm planning to throw mostly a buzzbait and a rebel craw. Anyone know what's been hitting on the lmr lately? My past couple outings haven't been very productive. I usually do ok when I go to the east fork watershed, but I never do much good on the lmr.
    Also I just bought some yo-zuri hybrid 15 lb smoke color line. Does anyone know if I should use a certain knot with line like that? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. I know my buddy has being doing great on the LMR the past couple weeks. He uses Rooster Tails and Rattle Traps. he will throw a husky jerk every once in awhile. My last few outings ive nailed everything on the Bomber Model A Baby Bass color.


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    no special knots needed.the old standby improved clinch,palomar,or uni-knot are all good knots.
  4. I like the yozuri line, it's probably one of the best lines for topwater lures, at least for me. i would downsize the line though, no need for 15 lb test if your just fishing for bass, but then again I love finesse fishing, lite line small baits different presentations

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    Also have some white curly tails in 3 inch with 1/16 or 1/8 oz jig heads, Tubes and yum crawbugs also produce well. look for shallow faster moving runs and riffles for you best bet. shaded pools for buzz baits and top water. Fish the heads and tailouts of deeper pools. S
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    Cincy-angler, I have Yozuri on my poles right now but I don't use anything over 10 lbs for the river. At first I didn't like the hybrid line (I always used P-Line in the past) but after a trip to Bass Pro and and saw $6.88 for a 1000 yds it changed my mind. Now I do like it and it is probably the strongest line I have used. Make sure though you wet the line thoroughly before tying a knot or the friction and heat of tying the knot will weaken the line causing you to lose fish and lures (learned that the hard way).

    As far as bait selection...two words...Yum Craws....

    Good Luck!!
  7. Thanks for the info guys. I've been getting tons of bites on the yum crawbugs in the dark color with red specks. But I haven't been landing many. This is my first time using a tube bait, so I guess I'll learn as I go. I've been fishing it very slow trying to stay on the bottom, and get most of my strikes when I let it sit for 30 secs or so. I think I'm either trying to set the hook to soon, or I need to get better tube jig heads. I just picked up some generic walmart ones and they keep getting bent and/or dulled on rocks. I'll have to try to find some better ones maybe at Dick's or Basspro.
    Also I always raise straight up for a hookset, I'm not sure if thats a mistake. I've been doing good with rebel topwater lures also on the ef lmr for largemouth and smallies. I've got to get rid of the "one that got away" stories that I keep having lately, hopefully some better hooks will remedy that.
    thanks for all the help
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