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    Hi can anybody tell me when the white bass usually make their run down the little miami river. I got lucky one day last year, me and a buddy caught 32 in about 6hrs but can't remember what week of what month it was lol.
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    as anywhere in Ohio for WB ,May is the month,TC1

  3. usually april may if you get it right I have gotten up to 100 in a couple hours most of them 1/2 to 3/4 pounders lots of fun ..
    Fish On !!!
  4. lots of small fish in spring, starts usualy in mid march, peaks some time in april, that is atleast with normal weather. by late may they begin to move out but there are resident fish through most of the year until it gets cold, and even a few to be had in winter. the best weeks change each spring the way to know is get out each week and check, this year will be a good year and i expect several weeks were a competant angler can catch 100fish a day. i personally will be trying to beat my single day species record during the WB run, took 17 species in a day last year, thats the best part of the lmr.
  5. what are the 17 species I could expect to catch?
    Good plan counting species I like it..
    Sounds like a personal challenge?
    If you got 17 in one day?
    How many different can you catch in a season I wonder?
  6. When the redbuds bloom the white bass are running. Turkey's are also gobbling so you can blast and cast :)
  7. what were the 17 species in one day and also what species are you lookin to add to that list? thanks
  8. 68 out of the lmr last year, but most of those were darters, minnows, and madtoms not on hook n line, there are about 95 species in the river itself
    species wise i have caught all 3 eyes, black bass, and morone(stripers/hybrids/whites), in the same day, and one time those three groups in the same day. there are also crappie and sunfish, flatheads and channels, carpsuckers, 3 species of buffalo, and 8 species of sucker and redhorse. also if you know where to look and are lucky there are pike, skis and grass pickerel in the river, the two i am on the hunt this year are patterning skis and catching an american eel, the skis shouldnt be a problem but the eel will be a challenge. i also enjoy the spring run mooneye and the skippies in the fall. btw, dont expect to catch 17 species, but 10 is not out of the question. also if you catch things like bigger walleye, striper, or anything out of the ordinary(if you cant ID it) please release it.