Lmr 6-17

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  1. fished the lmr yesterday from Miamiville to milford. not to bad of a day. we caught quite a few smallies, 1 white bass, 1 spotted bass (this was a beautifull and very fat fish, probably 2.5 pounds) 1 sauger/saugeye, 1 drum, 1 flathead, 1 channel cat, 1 rock bass and 1 redear. it's fun when you can catch so many different types of fish. dad used a wee-craw and i used a 3 inch white grub, 5 inch pumpkin yamamoto and a white crank bait. i also caught a carp that weighed at least 6 pounds or more on my ultra-lite that has 4lb test line. if someone can tell me how to post a picture i will. i was surprised by this catch. i have caught buffalo carp before on artificials but never this kind of carp. it was on of those carp you see in the shallow riffles that our monsters but you can't get them to bite. i saw him go after and hit my white grub. should i be surprised? the wind picked-up near the end of the trip. it was a bear paddling down stream with the wind at our face. there was one spot we wanted to drift down stream and fish but the wind was actually pushing us up stream. i was wore out between the wind and the heat but a good day fishing with dad.
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    Nice day on the river. Congrats.

  3. i was going to stop by your store after we pulled out but i was to whipped. i just wanted to go home and take a shower and a nap. where in old milford is your store?
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    I am at 227 main st in old milford Right next door to Davis trains and accross from the gun shop. I understand what its like when you just get off the river. As hot as it was I would be whipped to. Look forword to seeing you at the shop. Thanks S
  5. have you started to carry any spinning gear yet?
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    Not yet, Still looking for sources for lures and the like I have found one distributor that can supply about everything I need so I have sent them a credit app and should be getting some stuff in next few weeks. I will have a limmited selection at first to see how it goes. With the advice I got from the forums here it should be good for the lmr, gmr and the creeks. S