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    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    I awoke early this morning with evey intention of getting to work early to get a jump on the mounds of inventory awaiting my arival. When I enter the shop the yearning to hit the river begins to take hold. After pacing from one end of the shop to the other debating the options before me the river wins out and I gear up and head to the rvier. As I approach the river a wave of guilt over takes me and I begin to doubt my choice. I forge ahead having come this far. As I make my first fly choice a feeling of despair hits and I imediatly begin to lack the confidence I need. As I begin to fish I illicate no strikes and decide to change tactics. Doubt again take over and futher chip away my confidence. I push on trying patterns I have never fished and my tried and true go to patterns but to no avail. I decide to move to a nice flat that has been holding many carp as of late. On my way I put on a battered sneaky pete and begin to search as I head up stream. After about five cast I come across a shallow riffle with a few carp rooting around. I slow and begin to watch and realize they are indeed feeding. I go through the box and pick a black carp teaser and begin to retie. I finish my change and look up and the fish have move on. I scan the water with no luck and continue my upstream journy. When I arrive at the flat, excited at the prostpect of sight casting to some tailing carp. I begin to search out the nearest fish only to find nothing, not one fish on the flat. At this point my lack of confidence completely and the wave of guilt returns as I am dejected and debating my choice to fish. I have caught fish in this place every time out using all the techniques I employed today. What am I doing wrong, I ask myself and have no answer. At this point the alarm ring telling me its time to return to the shop and open the doors. When I return rinse off the gear completey dejected and doubting ability as an angler and teacher on the sport I love so much. I think about the people who come through my doors looking for advice on fishing all the local water. I then remind myself that I am living my dream and have no right to complain or feel depressed because I did not catch any fish today. I am reminded of gentlemen who came to the shop with a story of rising fish on a local trout stream but he could not catch the rising fish with any consistansy. I showed him a deadly technique I would use on the western water and told him to give it a try. He called the next day and told me he slayed them and caught an 18 inch brownie. The excitement in his voice said it all. I begin replay the reports of fish being caught on flies, and presentations I explained to the angler. This gives me a sense of well being. Minutes from now I will again open my doors and will tell a tail of a fishless day for my efforts. I will appologize for the mass of inventory scattered around the shop and move on with a great big smile on my face. In short was it worth blowing off work for a quick trip to the river, HELL YAH IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The weather was perfect I was alone and peaceful on the water despite my frustration. All in all another perfect day on the water................................S
  2. Sounds like you had a blast, even though you didn't get a fish out there. I do enjoy the peace of being out on the water alone and enjoying the scenery. I hope to come out to your shop soon. Been to busy the past couple months, but I will be out there eventually.


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    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    I really like being out on the river with friends and floating the river but there is just something about being on the river alone and fishing by myself that really is awsome. I will look forward to seeing at the shop. Thanks S
  4. Steve,

    Your narrative was very interesting, made me feel like I was on the water with you. Keep the stories coming.

    I had a similar experience yesterday when I went to Sharon Woods to fly fish for bluegill. I was all ready to use those new black bugs I bought from your shop and I was really excited about catching tons of gills, until I unloaded my car. I had everthing I needed but I left the fly reel at home! Boy was I mad. I stopped for a second and thought about the round trip drive of 40 mins. to get it and that made me even more upset. I told myself you can be mad about this and ruin a nice night or you can just throw the spinning rod and hope for some bass - and that's what I did. I ended up catching 3 bass not alot but it was good enough for me.

    I guess it like you always hear people say, "it's all about attitude"!
    You better believe I am going to tie that reel to my head next time I go out.

    Hope to see you at the fly tying on Sunday.

  5. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    Thanks bluewater,
    Attitude is every thing!!! I just had that feeling in the back of my mind that it was going to be tough on the water. I think being distracted by the mound of work awaiting me did not help. Oh well still a great way to start the day. See you on sunday.
    For the rest of you guys. I will be hosting a fly tying demo day from 1pm to 4pm on Sunday the 17th that blue water mentioned. This is an informal get together to check out some tying techniques. feel free to stop by and tie some or just hang out. I will have refreshments and snacks on hand so bring the kids along for a little something different for fathers day. S