LMR 10/22 finally shook the skunk

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by sevenx, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    Here are some photos of my adventure this morning, I wrote a long tale of the adventure and somehow lost it. So just the pics for now and maybe I will the story later. Great way to start the day and a new week..S[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Great fish Steve!
    I'd have that glazed look on my face if I caught that too!

  3. Way to go man! You are the River Yoda.

  4. Tall cool one

    Tall cool one strictly flyfishing

    That's a sweet spot ...as long as the baitfish are in there,TC!
  5. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Very nice man, sorry to hear ya lost you're post always enjoy reading them.
  6. roewh


    nice work Steve...i thought i saw you throwing some flies this morning as i was driving by the river kind of in your normal stomping grounds, this definitely confirms it for me...

    I'm usually a "lurker" in this forum, but i had to speak up!


    P.S. I need to come by and cash in my gift certificate I got from my old man for my b-day before your local patterns are sold out!! :p
  7. Where where you at? The rapids?
  8. Careful guys, I gave this place up a couple years ago and a BUS load came down from Dayton.
    A word to the wise.
  9. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    Tomc you know the spot if you were fishing with TC1. THere is pleanty of water holding fish up and down the river. Bait is the key, find the bait, find the fish. I am with you Jeff, but there is still enough water to cover. Stop by the shop if you get a minute and bring the gizz with you I would like to put it side by side with the flies we are throwing to compare.

    Hank get here and get rigged up, I am sure you could sneak out before work one day S
  10. Man it was so early in the morning, the only thing i remember is a two lane bridge, where i caught some catfish other than that i coudlnt even start to tell you where i was. I know we went to your shop but not sure what village/city it was in.
  11. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    I know that scenario well. Without alot of coffee I move really slow and foggy
  12. I was awake but as soon as we got on 270/275 what ever it is i was lost from there. All i remeber was getting out of his truck and hearing the theme song to deliverance playing from the woods.:)
  13. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    Walking through the woods in the dark with no light and alone can have things running through your mind for sure. I think I saw bigfoot and LMR Frogman, looking for an easy meal:0
  14. iteech

    iteech Shebasser

    ..that movie was set (and shot) right near the area where I grew up. Those-- um, "backwoods" fellas do exist, a great many of them. Most of them are a bit nicer than the ones in "Deliverance" but some are really sort of uncivilized, if ya know what I mean. In my lifetime in that area, I was caught in two (!!) situations that put me VERY close to the fate of that movie's fishing party--it was an accident I was where I was, both times, but it was flat scary. The first time one of the guy's wife shows up out of nowhere, and gives the men the evil eye, and they sort of melted away into the woods. I left quickly. (Of course, I was fishing! Alone.) The second time was years later when I stopped at a VERY way-back-in-the-sticks little country store to get gas (going to a fishing spot again!)--it was cool and I went in to get something hot while my son pumped gas. When I walked in there were 3 hillbilly men all around this big pot-bellied stove and they all turned to look at me; one of them smiled and got up and leaned in real close and said "well, little lady, looks like you're outnumbered." True story, y'all. They did not know my son was outside...but he saw this through the window and it took him one second to be in front of me saying "you got a PROBLEM, grandad??" Now he was only 16 but 6'3" and 255, a defensive tackle with 20 inch biceps and a 52inch chest. He could move like greased lightening. In one split second I saw the other guys glance to the corner of the store where they had propped their shotguns and calculate how fast they could get there. My son looked up and smiled and said "Try it". It was one of those moments frozen in time, I did not breathe for 5 minutes, I think. The guy in front of me starts laughing and says "aw hell son, we's just havin' a little fun. We ain't gonna hurt nobody". My son shoved me out the door, threw a bill on the floor, and we dived into that car and gunned it--I think we were out of shotgun range before they could get out the door, but I DID NOT look back! I don't think there's any of that type in this area, but guys, do not tempt them if you ever run into any. And 7X, the next time you tell a long fishing story, I'm not going to read it till I have my arms wrapped tight around my belly. It gives me new faith in "fishing while confused", though, which is how I do it most of the time. Your trips sound so much like mine...what great stories...I love this forum!:p
  15. Wait 'til a deer jumps right out in front of you, with a loud snort, pitch black, or worse yet, DON jumps out from behind the bushes, sticks his hand out and starts shaking your hand! :D :D :D
    Always good to see Don, if Don's there, and still fishing, fish are there!