LMR 10/22 finally shook the skunk pt 2

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    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    Ok I thought some of you may want to here the tail of the trip to the river.

    Starting out at the shop as always. I gathered my flies tied the night before. Got the camera,, checked the pockets to make sure everything was inplace and off I went. I arrived at parking spot around 5:50a.m. and realized 3 things, 1. no head lamp, 2.left my lucky hat. and 3. no wading boots. After a little cussing and frustration, back to the shop. I am beging to think "here we go again" but shook it off. At the shop realized my son took my head lamp out last night to use while we went bug hunting. No worries I have a flashlite in the shop. Well you guessed it did not work andd the batteries were fresh. So I gather the boots and take off. Yep forgot the hat again, I need coffee. I arrive back at the parking area get geared up and head down to the river, It is full dark with no moon and a steep rocky bank to navigate several hundred yards. Also quick drop off at waters edge and trees and brush everywhere with no trail. Needless to say I fell about six times. I was using the light from my cell phone to navigate but it was not much. I fianally maid it to the spot and started in on them. Nothing happening so I decided to cross it the pitch dark and by my self. THere a good idea. Not sure of the water depth I picked a spot with fast moving water that appeared shallow enough and it proved to be with somewhat tough current but not bad. Ok now back to pounding the water. No hits not even a tick. I fish the whole area from one end to the other with no success and once again doubt has shown its self. Come on 5 days in a row obbsessed with the white striped boheameths haunting my dreams. Just as I am thinking this the horizion begins to lighten. I start back at the water and as I fishing I look over my shoulder to see some bait working in the pool behind me. So far this is the only sign of life so I pick up and take a casual walk over get set and make a cast BAM!!! fish on but he slips aways quickly pulling loose. I learned my lesson and bumped up to 15lb tippet. Next BAM!!! a quick hit and a miss again. Next cast BAM!!! fish on,,, a heavy hard charging beast putting me and my drag to the test. after a 10min battle he gives in and comes to hand. As you can see the excitement in my face you will also note the sky behind me just begining to show lite. After a photo the fish goes back and I make my next cast and it drifts free. Next cast BAM!!!!! fish on and the off just as quickly. Next cast BAM!!!! fish on and after a shorter 5 min fight another incedible fish to hand this one just a pinch smaller than the first fish. Note the light it the back round. The next fish would be a dink white bass hardly bigger that my fly. I those little bad a$$ fish that think they can take that size bait. The next fish would be the smallie he hit hard and gave up a couple of jumps and hard runs. I would get one more hit before the light crept to high and the fish just flat dissapeared. All in all it was absoutly a riot. Picture a guy talking to himself, laughing, yelling and having the time of my life. I finally shook my skunk and am forever ever gratefull for this day. Wow what a trip. I had put in miles through heavy brush, rock, slippery banks, painfull falls onto rock piles, high water, lost opportunities ready to give up and just help others catch fish and live vicariously through there trips, when all hard work finally paid off. THanks to TC1 and Crocodile for the daily reports, hangin at the shop comparing what we have seen on the water. And sharing effective fly patterns. I cant wait untill this water drops again. By the way cfs yesterday was 206. Today 6,860 and over 9'ft WOW. Thanks for taking time to read this and I hope you enjoyed it. Here are the picks again.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. 7x, as usual, a great and humorous report, I'm itching to get my skunk out of the way.
    Maybe Sat. am......

  3. Guys,
    Besides the fly patterns of choice, what would be good spinning tackle conventional lures for Hybrids or Strippers on LMR?

    By the way, how do you tell them apart?
  4. big jigs, spoons, spooks ect. the best way to tell them apart is if you catch one, its a hybrid. i have only seen 5 in the past year in the lmr and i am there alot. they are longer, have very bold stripes running the whole length of the body, and on thier tongue they have two separated tooth patches, most of the time if you think its a striper it's a skinny hybrid. once you have caught some hybrids if you pay attention when you see a striper you know its a striper
  5. creekwalker

    creekwalker Moving water...

    My favorite lures are Sassy Shad like plastics, White Grubs on jig and Rooster Tails. I also somewhat regularly try a Gizz4, Rat'l Trap, and spoons.

    As for identification, check the Sticky from LittleMiamiJeff over in the Stripers and Hybrids forum.

  6. Thanks for the info guys,

    One last thing, when you say spoons are you talking inline spoons like meps, bluefox etc?
  7. creekwalker

    creekwalker Moving water...

    I'm talking about jigging spoons and ones like Johnson minnow spoons. I'm not familiar with "inline spoons like meps, bluefox". Are those inline spinners like a rooster tail?

  8. mepps, bluefox, those are spinners, spoons for stripers mean 1/2-3oz jigging or slab spoons, just hunks of metal more or less. or casting spoons like a dardevel or a johnson minnow spoon
  9. I use spoons that I make. Nothing like them.
  10. Thanks for the info on traditional lures for Hybrids/ Strippers.
    Any body knows until what date are they available in LMR I have read they have like a fall and spring run.....are they present in the river half of the year?
    Location wise in the river, the ones I have hooked seem to be associated to portions where the river has deeper moving water...any poiters as to what people should be looking for in the river to identify a good hybrid spot?
  11. I look for fast moving water, deep as you say. I cast in the slower water off either side, in the eddies at the end of the fast run, and any eddies on either side.
    Sometimes you can see them hitting on the surface, boils, I've seen them right at my feet, large swirl/boil with obvious silver body breaking surface. Always cast at boiling fish, if the bait is busting out of the water in a large school, cast right in the middle of the bait ball.

    Don't hesitate to cast upstream directly into fastest water, keep rod tip up and let current sweep lure or bait right past you, keeping line taught, but allowing it to stay in current flow, even with bail open, let line out between your fingers.
    Depending on your tackle set up (I use 8.5ft MH steelhead rod, 20lb Power Pro, Cardinal 740 Spinning reel) keep drag medium, and use your thumb and fingers wrapped around spool as fish is running to exert extra drag on the spool. I've been able to turn running wipers from heavy current clamping down on spool and forcing them away from current, which with lighter tackle will take them a LONG way away before you can turn them.
    I've caught up to 24" wipers on UL tackle, and it's a blast, just helps to have 10# Power Pro spooled up on 4.6' UL spinning rig. ;)
    Hope you get a biggun, they are addictive and make a lot of racket as they splash in the shallow water trying to get away.

    This is pic from LMR last year, 24" w/UL rig beside it.
  12. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    I have had the same experince's in finding the fish. Bait fish are the key, no bait fish, no hybrids. There are on the move for sure. Water temp is the key factor in the time the fish stay in. Once the water hits the mid to low fifty the fish will move out in the fall and start in, in the spring. Jeff's techniques are the same that I use. I like to cast across into the slackwater with an up stream reach cast and let the fly sit for a second or two then when the current catch's it and hit darts into the fast water is when I get most hook up. Follow the bait and the water you and Jeff have mentioned and you find the fish. They will move suprisingly far up river as well, if conditions (water levels)are right. Man they are fun..........S
  13. Thanks for the very informative reply to hybrid lure presentation and river location.

    Just to make sure I understood the availability part, so they are IN LMR all the time except during the winter (after water temp falls below mid/ low 50's)?
  14. They are most active Spring and Fall, I've caught them in late summer, winter is still a mystery to just about anybody as to where they hole up.
    I've heard they are laying in deep still pools, I've been down LMR in kayak w/sonar/fishfinder in the winter, seen large arches in pools up to 20' deep, never hooked up though, could be carp, cats, wipers, muskie, walleye, only God knows!
    Let us know when you catch a nice one this December or January what and where! ;)
  15. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    The fish will move back into the river or lake system in the spring after the spawning run. Water temps in the 70's or better will push them into deeper water. There are a small number of resident fish that will stay in the river year round but not as many as spring and fall for sure. I hope to fish through the winter and see If I can find them holed up somewhere. I have hooked something big a few time's in the winter that may have been Hybrid but did not get them to hand. S