LM on fire last night in Ross Co.

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    I took the Jon Boat out with a buddie and the dog last night. This lake is an old gravel pit and it is close to the River. When we got there we could not even put the boat in where we normally do because it was about 6 feet higher than normal. It seems to rise with the water table due to being close to the river. We managed to get the boat in and the fun began quickly. They seemed to hit about anything we threw. I started out throwing one of the new X-rap shad lures and caught a couple, then when my buddie started slamming them on a culprit worm I switched to that and caught a few. I ended up fishing a small crank bait in shad color, and it really got fun. Ended up catching about 30 bass in the 12-15'' range and my partner caught about 20 on the worm. The high water had the fish up in the brush and trees that are normally not submerged. Most fish hit close to the bank, but not all of them. We fished from about 6:15 till dark. I would say they are fattening up for the spawn by hitting about anything they see. Get out there after em' before they hit the beds fellas.