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    hey folks
    i am setting up an older deep v and have come upon the livewell chapter. it had four benches in this boat that i have removed to put two pedestool seat in. now i want to install a live well. not a cooler , but a fully functional well with intake and discharge. any one have any ideas.
  2. BornToFish

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    You can by the preformed plastic livewells from the larger fishing distributors. I won't say who since I work for Dick's, but they send catalogs to your house!

  3. Marshall

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    If the already made livewell born to fish mentioned fits your boat it would be a lot easier to use that. You can find it at Bass pro. If you don't like the premade one you will need:
    1. something to make live well from like a cooler
    2. A drain in the bottom
    3. An overflow so you can pump water in without bailing, another hole in the boat to let water out.
    4. A spray bar to add Oxygen
    5. A through transom pump with hose to spraybar.
    6. A timer that turns the pump on and off and a switch.

    I have seen back decks built around large coolers in the deck that work good and look good. You hide the whole cooler under a lid and still use the cooler lid to keep water from splashing around everywhere. The hard part would be putting holes in the cooler for the spray bar and overflow. It is important you have the ability to pump fresh water in to get rid of ammonia buildup from fish wastes. An aerator will add oxygen but will not get rid of the ammonia. All this is a lot of work but can be done, if it were me i would try to make the already built one from bass pro work. It just depends on how good you are at building stuff. Good luck!
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    I've been planning to replace my old aerated cooler with a "real" livewell. I've done some research/shopping myself but have not bought anything yet. The premades at BPS are pretty expensive for just a plastice box IMHO. BPS does have a kit that includes the through-hull pump, fittings and hoses for $54.00. The box is extra, of course. I'm already set up with a drain on my existing cooler that works fine and will adapt to a new setup. What I have in mind is to use a heavy plastic storage box with the necessary drain and input. I'll surround it with a Marine grade plywood box that will be carpeted to match the rest of the boat.

    The advice I need concerns the material of the plastic box. Various stores from Target to Home Depot have boxes in useable shapes for from 8 to 15 bucks but I don't know the best plastic material to use. Any thoughts on that or other aspects of the job?


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    i did just what you mentioned.bought a plastic storge box from home depot for about 10-12 bucks and built it into my boat.covered with ply and perfect where i wanted it.i don't have a drain yet,but will ad one .here are a couple pics.

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    Great idea! still thinking about mine but thats got me thinking
  8. bttmline, I bought a used 14ft. boat once that someone had removed both middle benches. They built a rod locker on one side, and dry box for storage on the other. It looked great and opened-up the boat, but it ruined the stucture of the boat. By removing the benches it allowed the side walls of the boat to flex and loosen the rivets. So be careful !! and good luck with yourproject! I ended-up junking the boat and selling the trailer
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    yes i know what you mean.mine is still strong in the sides but if i remove the other two i am afraid of what will happen. i was considering building a livewell and storage box that would actually be like a small bench on each side for support but still have a walkway in the middle.
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