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  1. I'm going to be installing a livewell in my boat and had a question. I will be using the arerator kit in cabelas that comes with everything you need. My question is will the pump that fill the livewell with water also drain the water too.
  2. I've never seen a livewell with anything other than a gravity drain. The pumped water inlet is usually at the top of the tank and the drain is at the bottom.

    I've seen fishboxes with macerator pumps (basically a garbage disposal with a water pump), but thats it.

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    Im not familiar with the kit your talking about, but if you switch the wires the pump will run the opposite way. I did this with a new pump I put in the old boat by mistake. If it's a hose that goes into the lake to fill it just switch ends of the hose. It wont suck all of it out, but it will help.
  4. Thanks guys I think I might add a bilge pump to pump it out.
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    What type of aeratorskit is it ? If it is the spray bar type disconnect the hose at the spray bar and hold it over the side of the boat . You could keep a longer hose handy just for discharge, swap them out when needed .
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    now that sounds just like something misfit wpould do:D ;)
    and it might not be fancy but it works:D
  7. That'll work...just make sure to put some kinda filter in the inlet.
  8. Maybe I am missing something here. I guess I don't know the reason that you are wanting to pump the water out of your livewell. I believe most livewells are equipped with a pipe in the drain line that extends to the highest point that your livewell should fill. If you pull that tube out it will drain by gravity down to the height of the waterline outside the boat while on the water. then when you pull the boat out of the water (trailer it) the livewell should pretty much drain completely with that tube removed.
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    brian,he doesn't have a factory livewell,so there is no drain;)
    same thing i did to my boat.i have been trying to find the best way to put a drain in,but till then i have to do as mentioned above.previously i used a self priming siphon hose purchased at gander.but it only worked off the water and i'd usually forget to do it before i got home,and have a wellfull of slimey,stinky water when i put the boat away:rolleyes:
    the wife was always asking what that funky smell in the garage was:D
  10. Oh I was thinking of it as a factory livewell. Well then the answer is simple. Just pick it up and dump it.:D:D

    So I am guessing that the livewell setup will not fill from an aerator pump through the transom? I would think that you could create the same setup from a homemade livewell as from a factory one.
  11. I will be filling the livewell from just below the waterline from the side of the boat. I found some fitting and will just have a gravity drain going thru the hull like most factory livewells. Thanks again for the advice.