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    Ok folks I hope I'm not the only angler surfing other sites for information to become a better angler. I found this in a thread on and found it so informative I changed from "Rejuvinade" to "Catch and Release". I was somewhat concerned (as was our dog) while fishing and the fish in the livewell sounded like they were comming through the side of the boat. If you are like I am we do all we can to protect and insure the health of the fish we catch to return them healthy to the lake for another days catch. Please read this attachment and let me know what you use and what you think of the information and opinions presented.
    thanks all

    "Sure-Life has recently released a new formula available at Bass Pro Shops and many other retailers called Catch and Release. Catch and Release is very important to us because it kills, VHS, Largemouth Bass Virus, and even Zebra Mussels. It also calms your fish and allows them to replenish in your livewells actually making them healthier than before caught in most situations. On the other hand you have Rejuvenade. While Rejuvenade works to keep fish alive through weigh ins, because it is a garlic based stimulate as you can smell if you open it, it is not good for fish in the long run. Independant studies have been done that show many negative effects of it on bass, especially smallmouth, one situation actually led to the degrading of a bass' fins when exposed over time. Sure-Life formulas, Catch and Release and Please Release Me will also break down in the water overtime while Rejuvenade is very very slow to break down. I hope you make the choice next time you buy in looking deeper into the two formulas and provide the fish with the best possible care. As well try adding hydrogen peroxide to your livewells in small amounts, 6oz per well if seperated and see the wonders it will work as well. When using the peroxide and Sure-Life formulas you do not need to replenish water because the formula will rid it of ammonia and the peroxide will boost oxygen transfer. Finally, we are pulling a lot of our fish from very deep water and the need to chill the water by 5-10 degrees is very important as well so a floating temperature gauge is a smart investment to make, one can be purchased for a few dollars at the pet store.

    Hopefully these tips help you to increase the survival of your fish and preserve them for generations to come."

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    yeah this is right up nips alley, good information though dmills
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    I don't buy any chemical stuff. Kosher salt or sea salt, salinity at 3 relieves the stress factor and mellows them out. My son has adapted freshwater fish into salt water aquariums even. All fish require "x" amount of salinity. Since all fish are different, you need to maintain the temp and salinity for the particular specie.
  4. sure life, ice,(when water warms) and oxygenator. when i release bass i think they are better than before i caught them;)