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Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by brhoff, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. Saw your OGF mobile on the way out of the Park...I was up the other end from you, I guess.

    Hit the water at 6:20 and left at 9:40

    Worst day on the river for me in a long, yup, one Crappie.

    Threw Clousers, several colors, Wollies, Lil' Buggers and may have had a nymph on for bit.

    How'd you do?
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    he don't feel bad did my worst thursday and friday with no bites at all! I used every color clouser I had and also leeches and foam bugs and not a thing!

  3. :S Worked south from the fire pit, had two hits but no hook-ups. Sort of figured the water would be running a little high but did think it would effect the fishing that much. I think I tried 80% of the flys I carry! After reading other post on the boards it looks like Sunday wasn't a good fishing day period.
    Like the way I did that back window? Decided if someone sees the logo they may as well know who it is.
  4. Yeah, glad I spotted you, good way to see what was up with the bite. I was up north. The fishing was great, nice morning but the catching was off. If not for that one Crappie...well.

    I was watching the guage and it rose and fell pretty quickly the day before and I suspect that may have scattered the fish.

    There is a spot up north where I have caught the same Rock Bass 2x and my son caught it once...pretty sure it's the same one, it is a Fish Ohio Rocky and has a pretty distinct sore on the tail...even he wasn't biting yesterday!

    Good news was the pesky fish didn't interfere witht he wading so I wsa able to get further north than ever...looks like a couple nice stretches for the future.
  5. Never gone north of the bridge from there. May have to check it out.
  6. Hopefully I can get back on the regular early AM Sat-Sun. park trips...look for my Black Kia...when heading north I park at the very last parking lot in the park and head right to the river.

    The section beyond where you can first see to looked real good.

    I try to slip the gate at 6:15 or so.