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  1. I saw a post somewhere in a previous post that there was some verbiage in the Ohio fishing regulations that using live bluegill as bait for catfish is legal in Ohio as long as the gills are taken legally with a hook and line.

    Does anyone have that quote, or a link to the current Ohio laws? I've searched this site and can't find it, and I also tried the ODNR site and I cannot get onto it.

    Any info would be most appreciated!! Thanks!!
  2. you have it right as long as the gills are take leaglly you can use them as bait

  3. Any fish legal to keep is legal for bait. The ODNR site appears to be down at the moment, but if your worried about having proof, it's in your booklet.
  4. I believe they must be used in the body of water they were caught in.
  5. That is not the case.
  6. misfit

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    not true.
    thay can be used anywhere as long as they are legal to keep in the water you're fishing.
    i.e........if you are fishing in hoover,and the minimum size limit for bass is 12 inches,then you can use a 12 inch bass that was caught somewhere else.
  7. Misfit, wouldn't that scenario fall under the jurisdiction of not being allowed to put fish from one body of water into a different body of water though?
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    no it wouldn't.if that were the case,you couldn't use store bought baitfish or even bait that you collect yourself.
    the law is basically aimed at "introducing" fish,etc not native to the waters.
    i personally had a long discussion about this specific situation several years ago,with the head dnr enforcement officer at the columbus office.
  9. Wickford is correct. If the bait is a game fish and it was caught legally, not netted it can be used as bait for other fish.
  10. Thanks everyone for all of the helpful responses!! Its funny how word of mouth can distort what is actually true...I was talking with 2 different people the other day about this subject and both were certain that using live bluegills (and other fish) was illegal. However, from what I read here previously, I was pretty certain that it was legal...

    In any case though, a forum like this with so many knowledgeable people is a great resource when looking for answers!!!

    Thanks again!!! Hopefully, I'll be able to finally hook into a big flattie soon!!