Little ponds produce big fish

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  1. Me and my buddy hit up one of my customers ponds last night.Its less than 1/2 a acre and there are tons of bass 8 to 12 inches.A Few pigs That were busting topwater poppers,zara spooks and snakes.The most exciting fishing I've done all year.I would of never guessed there were that big a fish in such a little pond.And yes,my buddy caught 2 on at once on a zara spook.Good luck to ya,

    Here is a link to bigger pics,These are much better...........

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  2. Wow....that one fish is a PIG! He's been chowin down on something substantial.

  3. WOW, nice catch. My buddy has a small pond like that but it is fairly new. I hope it produces fish like that in the future!!
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    Hmmmm I was buddy has a pond that size and I catch loads of 10-14 inch lg mouth. 4 trips and nothing big yet but I wonder.
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    i fish a pond just like that and i'm the only 1 that fishers it. They love the buzzbait caught a 4lb. on it a week or 2 back. its great fishing in those small ponds!