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Little Miami

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Walter Adkins, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. I am loving this river. In five hours I caught 12 smallmouths and one spott. The 15" spott hit a buzz bait. I landed a 20", two 19", three 17", and six 10"-12". Most were on tubes or jigs. Was not a perfect evening though, lost 5 that appeared to be nice ones. Have a good hookset.

  2. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    sounds great, when we going ;)
  3. I will let you know. How long does it take you to get to the Xenia area?
  4. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Thats a good question, I live on the East side of Cinci, Newtown area, I'm new to the area and I don't know nothing about nothing :p
  5. irishfisherman

    irishfisherman Da' Irish Guy

    Hey Walter... where are you having the best luck right now for this time of season?
    I might try and get down that way again later in sep. or october
  6. I went in at the st.rt. 235 and went down river. I do not believe that I was more than three or four miles down at the farthest point. I had not fished this section before. Easy wading, no surprise deep holes and was able to stay in the water. Water was stained a little from the rain we got.
  7. Good job Walter, thought I'd respond as I only live about 15 min. from the area that you mentioned, Rona Hills in Fairborn. Haven't fished it in quite some time, but looks like I might give it another shot, if you wouldn't mind having a tag along sometime let me know.
  8. Would be glad to have you. I will let you know the next time I am going.
  9. I passed the Little Miami @ 235 on Saturday evening on my way to Cowan lake. I saw 3 vehicles parked at the pull off area. I was curious as to how the fishing was in this stretch - and now I know! :) I love to catch smallies , but I catch mostly smaller ones - 10-13''. I'd LOVE to hook a 20'' on my ultralight gear! I may give it try soon! :D
  10. catking

    catking Banned

    You and about 100 others know this now :D Give a report as to the amount of people who fish that area in a few weeks, especially in October ;) I'm just curious as to the amount of people who follow certain threads. Really, I am just wanting to know. Thanks.CATKING
  11. smalliehunter

    smalliehunter "The Mighty Wing Man"

    I am willing to guess more then you will ever know follow certain "threads" on here........ :eek: The RRP has living proof of that this year....... :mad:
  12. Are you saying that I should not let people know where the fish are? I have always been willing to let people know where I catch fish. I will stop if you whant me to but that would not be me. I do not tell the holes or how I was fishing. There are a few secrects that I keep to myself or trusted fisher people. I certainly hope that we all know that large fish in streams take several years to get to this size and should always be put back.
  13. Walter -

    You can tell a man where the fish are or what they're biting on, but never both! :D

    I already fish the LMR. And I like many others follow almost every thread on the site. Specific information can be damaging, but I don't think you're description fits that category. It's no different than telling a guy to fish the northwest shoreline of a no wake zone in a lake.

    smalliehunter - Are you concerned with people keeping fish or just the extra pressure on the water?? I see people out on the rivers everywhere I go (Mad, Buck Creek, LMR), but I rarely see people keeping anything. Just curious. :confused:
  14. THarris


    Walter, you obviously have the best of intentions with your posts. I believe the flaw in your approach is here:

    The River Rat Pack has seen over the last several years that the above is simply not true! Many many more people than you probably imagine see these threads -- and when you post specific directions to a productive stretch of river ... well, it will not be productive for long. It truly is sad to see this ... The Pack has and always will release every single fish we catch -- many at or over 20" from the river -- but we have seen a HUGE increase in people in our previously secluded spots and witnessed smallies and spots of all sizes removed from the waterway...

    This is simply some friendly advice ... it's free so take it for what it's worth. Just trying to save you some frustration. Time will tell if what I say is true! Like DA KING said -- give us a report in October as to how many people are fishing that area...
  15. smalliehunter

    smalliehunter "The Mighty Wing Man"

    My fellow RRP buddy Tharris said it best. I am concerned about the increase pressure we are seeing in our normally secluded spots, but along side of that and even more alarming is the first hand witnessing of (in my mind) over harvesting......... that will kill a stretch in our river in no time...... now add more pressure........... wrecks havoc on a area in no time........
  16. Guys - I want you to know I agree with what you are saying. I was just curious because I don't see too many fish being kept myself. I only fish these rivers a few times a month and I always see somebody regardless of how far I float/wade.

    I'm mostly concerned with the people who do keep the mature fish and not the presssure. I've come to accept the fact that water will only continue to get more & more crowded as time passes. Ohio has a large population and a lack of water when compared to many surrounding states :(. Even in areas with high pressure the fishing can be outstanding if the proper conservation is practiced.

    Unfortunately, I know that we can't trust "Joe Public" to understand and practice smart river conservation. :(
  17. smalliehunter

    smalliehunter "The Mighty Wing Man"

    Agreed. Myself and Tharris (the River Rat Pack) hit our local waterways at least 2-3 times a week, with a evening or two wade for a few hours, then a early morning or later afternoon weekend wade for usually 5 - 6 hours. Now my fellow RRP partner would also require me to mention we hit the flattie hunt on the weekend as well for 6-7 hours and sometimes a all nighter :eek: ;) (that ones for you Tharris)

    With the amount of time we spend in our areas we fish, we witness a lot of things, pressure, harvesting, etc....... due to the hours we put in (just sheer numbers game here). We leave thinking, man, what about the times we are not here, what must go on as well....... so we are real sensitive to this issue. This is a great site, and respect what it stands for........sometimes its tough to see "direct" threads....... i wanna help the next guy out just as much, but also want to protect what we all have......... :D
  18. I do not belive that fishing pressure is the main concern, but the removal of the fish. I am from West by God Virginia where fishing and hunting is the number one past time. Talk about fishing pressure take a trip down the New River. Fishing pressure leads to smart fish. With that said, I agree with you that there are some people that will take 15"-and above fish. I have no qualms in telling them that the fish needs to be put back. I have noticed that most just want reconition for their catch. I have offered to take a picture of the fish and fill a citation form and send it in to the state for them if they will let it go. I have even offered to catch the same weight in rock bass for them, this usually works (nothing like guilt).
    From now on I may only give out where I found fish with (pm).
    Walter have a good hookset