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Little Miami weekly spot report

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Walter Adkins, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. I was the only one fishing at jput in spot. Caught 10 smallmouths 10"-12" and one 15". All going away from from put in point. Had just started back when storm hit. never got to fish coming back. I don't mind bad weather but lighting is different. I have never been in such a bad lighting strom and I pray that I will never be in another one again.
  2. I keep seeing all these good reports from the little miami and GMR but them i still see my buddy Fishman post Skunked Again at the same places. Someone better hlep him out because i dont think he will be able to handle his move to cinny if he does not start catching fish soon. We did so good in the SE this spring i hate to see him go nutz. hahahahahahahaha

    Im watchin out for you little tommy :) :) :) :)

  3. catking

    catking Banned

    fishman is fishing about 50 miles away from Walter ;) The GMR is a diffrent story. No excuse can be found for fishmans POOR showing :D Anyway, thanks Walter for the smallie report, and I would have really liked to have taken you up on the fishing offer. Maybe another day. Keep the river reports coming. That is really one of the best rivers in the nation.... CATKING :)
  4. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Fishman Caught Fish This Weekend! Watch For A Report!
  5. 9/1:Talked to store owner and he had not seen anyone parked to go fishing.
    I am going to keep up on this, but instead of submitting post every 3-4 days I will just do few follow ups. At the end of October I will give the full report.
  6. Walter,
    I used to fish that spot regularly (a couple of years ago), and never saw a soul. After all the fuss, I decided to head out there again, spent about 4 hours there recently and didn't see another person. Caught a couple of nice smallies and a nice 3#LM. I will probably head out again this weekend (I forgot how much fun it was).
  7. I said that I would run reports on my findings ever so often and then the finale one at the end of October. I have not and will not fish this section until then.
    I have been by the 235 and 68 put in spots on these dates; September2,4,7,11,12,16 and the 19th. I have talked to land owners and store owners about people fishing. The store owner and land owners said that they have not seen anymore traffic than normal during the week days. Weekends have been normal to maybe up a little. I walked a short ways down and up the river and found where people had been fishing but with out any rain these same foot prints could have been there for a while. One land owner spent most of 12th fishing and did not see anyone else down where he was at, but he also told me that it is rare that anyone comes that far down.
    On another note I have been able to get out a few times this month and even with the water being clear I managed quanity and quality smallmouths.
    If anyone has been fishing this area let us know how you did.
    :) I even aquired hunting rights to one piece of land by talking to the land owners.
  8. I am going to try and fish this weekend. Looking to see if anyone wanted to go along. I will be fishing the section below 235. This will be the time that I will try to see if fishing has deminished.
    Let me know which day would be best for you. Early Saturday would be the best time to start for me, as of now. I will be fishing most of the day.
    I will be posting the results of the whole spot report at the end of this.