Little Miami Openings

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  1. New to the area and have heard that the Little Miami has some great fishing. Anyone know where there is/are public access areas to get into the river at?
  2. Welcome, are you looking to wade or float? check out the ODNR website, I think that you can find some maps that will show you public access. I guess that would also matter where you are looking to go, it's a long river.

  3. shoot me a pm if you are ever looking for specific info. there is a lot of access in the lower river especially and you can fish for almost anything you want depending on the time of year. A-noutfitters in milford had a map made of all the access points in the lower 51.6 miles of river, including canoe put-ins that map also comes with a list of what types of fish are common in that section so you can plan what to fish for.
    goodluck and have fun on that river, it is an amazing resource
  4. I am interested in areas south of CC lake to about Mason. Just looking to get into the river, and I do enjoy floating and wadding. I have heard that there is a spot by Morrow near canoe rental place. But will definitely check out ODNR
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    There aint no fish in the Little Miami..... :)
  6. ...especially not that section...:p