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Little Miami Help

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishonjon, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. I'm new to OGF and think that this is the best site for Ohio fishing, hands-down. I hope to be able to contribute soon myself :) I need some help fishing the LMR. I've waded at the Powder factory in Kings and have caught a few small smallies there. I kayaked from Fosters to Loveland and was skunked. Am I in the right area, or are there more productive parts to the River that I should try? Willing to go north and/or south of the areas mentioned. Any bait choices also appeciated.
    Grew up on Lake Erie (walleye and perch fisherman), but trying to expand my horizons with river smallies :confused:
    Thanks in advance,
  2. Yeah the Little Miami is a great place to catch nice Smallmouth, the absolute best bait , is Live Hellgrammite, you catch those in a sien in the riffles. If you are looking to fish artificial then try fishing little shad colored, and crawdad colored crankbaits, fish those in the fast moving water, or try casting any top water lure ( My favorite is a popper), in the afternoon, and late evening. Also soft plastics crawdad imitators do well in trees, and laydowns. the further up from the Ohio river you fish for Smallmouth the better, Morrow is a great place. Pm me for specific spots!!!!!!!!!

  3. Try from Waynesville down to Ft. Ancient, I've had better luck and bigger fish through there.
  4. Thanks for the info so far.
    PS - I'm strictly catch and release, except when it comes to Lake Erie walleye and perch.
  5. catking

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    You are in the right place !!! Just a bad time of year right now. But I fish these areas alot, and do quite well. Later in the year, say Mid Sept through October and into Nov. Also the closer to Morrow and Orgonia you get, the better the smallie fishin gets. I have alot of luck with bucktail jigs (black) with a black trailer. Alos surface lures such as shallow shad raps work pretty good. CATKING