little miami access near milford

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  1. I would like to get out to fish the little miami soon if I can get away from work. I am looking for some decent access points around Milford and Loveland. How is it around Kelly Nature Preserve on SR 126?
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    There are fish to be caught ANYWHERE you can gain access. The key to better success is willingness to travel away from the spots everyone else has pounded. Hit the bike trail and start walking and you will find good water.

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    The water around Kelleys looks productive to me. Never fished it, but have put in for kayaking there alot.

    Lots of twinks at Kelleys, always backed in a parking spot sitting there. That gave me the willies. But never had a problem there. Just thought I'd let you know.
  4. I know what you mean, I used to work for Miami Twp. PD. I never fished there though. I will give it a try.
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    I was out there last year when the water was low. This section is quite wadable. There is a decient shoreline as well. I may his this up on my way home from work when it dries up a little bit.
  6. Loveland-Maderia Road Lake Isabella Park has a canoe/kayak access. I have also waded there on my lunch hour and caught quite a few. I've seen smbass, cats, carp, and drum alot of fun.

    Big plus is the boathouse at the lake has a full line of bait/tackle chubs/shiners/softcraws/boston mackerel and skip jack etc. you need it they pretty much have it. Great prices on tackle as well.
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    As stated earlier just hit the river and fish. You WILL have fun! As far as Lake Isabella boat ramp, it is posted that you can not shore fish there. Do some research or stop into A&N outfitters in Milford (Steve will hook you up). There are plenty of places to legally access & fish the LMR.
  8. You can fish the river legally from the shore at LI and the signs are posted. It was open last summer not many know. I usually wade fish there once a week.
    Its also posted in the Hamilton County Park District visitors guide.
  9. kelly's is not the best spot for numbers (morrow or loveland for that), but it is definantly a section worth fishing!:B drifting is the easiest way to access all of the water though if you know where to get in there are some very good areas to wade there, its difficult to explain how to get to the wadable areas however(pm me if you would like). access is easier at the 126 bridge, or down in milford at the 50 bridge, it is all excellent water