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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by catfisherbrad, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Hi, my name is brad.. obviously. lol. Im pretty new to bow hunting. I was just wondering if any one out there can help me out in getting a new starting bow. My price range maxium would be around 300 dollars. Im not looking for anything super good and top of the line. I just want to buy something that will last for a little bit and that would break my budget.

    i was looking around at basspro and dicks online. If any one has any tips or suggestions i am more than willing to listen. I need to get measured from my draw too. So if any one has any deals that they saw or etc. please comment, thank you! :D
  2. My first bow was a Fred Bear Path Plus that I bought in a package deal for about $250. Came with sights, rest and quiver. Had to buy arrows seperate. They don't make that bow anymore but there are many package deals like that available. Check out Gander, they usually have some package deals. I got mine at Galyans, I'm not sure of the selection since Dicks bought them out. You can always upgrade to a better bow down the road and sell the old one like I did. I sold it on ebay and got most of my money back out of it.

  3. Id stick with the major manufacturers and try to get ta new bow also. There are alot of good package bows in the 300.00 range that give you almost everything you need to start shooting. Notice I didnt say hunting. It takes alot of practice to get proficient enough to hunt.
    PSE makes some nice package bows and Cabelas has a Parker package for 350.00. Go to a archery shop and have them check your draw length. Even if you dont get a bow from them you will need accessories and the bow set up for you so start a relationship with them. They might have a deal on a bow, you never know. Dont get swept up into the gadget factor and start thinking that you have to get a bow with 10 different kind of silencers and drop away rests. Keep it simple is my motto. Cheaper (price) bows do the same job as the high end jobs. Dont overlook traditional archery equiptment also. Its alot of fun. Good luck and feel free to ask anything. Its alot of information to decifer through. Most of it B.S..
    Archery is simple..Keep it that way
  4. Find a local Archey shop and go in and tell them what you can spend and your a beginner, most of the time, the guys working behind the counter have been in your shoes before, heck we all have, As stated before build up a friendship with this place, and they will treat you right, there maybe times you spend a few dollars more on items at the local shop, but when you need something fast or you have questions they will help ya out and even check over your bow for free at times, I get my bow check out at a local shop every year, draw weight ect and it cost me nothing, building up a trust with a local shop has alot of plus's, they can help you shot, and even tell ya where to hunt after awhile.
  5. started bowhunting 2 years ago I shopped around and found a lot of bows around your price range, ended up getting a Browing Rage dual-cam it has a 10-inch adjustable draw, it comes loaded, I changed the sight, peep. The reason I went with this bow was the adjustable draw it fits a wide range of shooters, so when I wan't to upgrade I think I'll be able to sell it easy. All and all I probably spent around 400 hundred that's bow, arrows, release, broadheads, stablizer, string leaches. You can get a good bow at this price.