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Little Darby tonight 7-21

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Fishzilla, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. Hit the Little Darby just outside West Jeff for a few hours after work. Caught 4 smallies (2-13" 2-12"). Caught 3 on a pumpkinseed tube and 1 on a rebel craw. Had 2 huge rips on a bluegill tube and lost one in the air when he spit out my baby bass crank. Also caught a 3# sucker on a worm. Speaking of suckers-has anyone ever ate one those ugly things? He seemed pretty meaty and I was tempted but I turned him loose because I know absolutley nothing about them.(mudvein, contaminates, etc). I know people eat those buffalo head fish and they are in the sucker family. Anyway-not bad for a couple of hours I suppose. :)
  2. The problem with suckers is the bones. I have canned them before and they are prettty good made into fish patties, just use a slamon patty recipe. I have also used canned sucker in tuna helper type stuff and its not too bad either, or just eat in on crackers. In Michigan they smoke them and I have had them that way and it was really good. There is one town up there that even has a sucker festival every spring when they run up the river and spawn, its in Omer. The meat is really clean, all white and firm, just a lot of bones. I have had it fried before and it was really good but you just cant get a very big piece becasue of the bones.