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little cleos

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Juan More Fish, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Juan More Fish

    Juan More Fish AKA Dnavarroj

    Anybody know of a place to buy little cleos that are cheap?
    Hopefully under $3.00 dollars.
    Any info would be great. Thanks:)

  2. I'd try Bass Pro, especially if you can run up to the Toledo store. They have a good selection of Cleos, but they also just brought back their little cleo knock-off spoon, which has a bunch of great colors like the original but runs about a buck cheaper. I wish I'd stopped there on the way through on my fall salmon trip rather than Cabelas.

  3. The One

    The One Ret. 1SG U.S. Army

    They were $3 each at Fremont Walmart lthis past weekend.
  4. there's some on ebay right now as cheap as 1.00 a piece with 3 bucks shipping,check them out,just type in little cleo fishing lure and they will come up.
  5. You can get knock offs like at Walmart for about half the price of a normal little cleo.
  6. K gonefishin

    K gonefishin Eye Slayer