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List of Fishing Spots

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by bsterzenbach, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Hi all.

    Is there a list of fishing spots on this forum? I see a lot of vague references and acronyms :)

    I have a nice list of Springfield spots that I would be happy to share if somebody has a list of the dayton area.


  2. ParmaBass

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    This forum is a list of fishing spots, keep looking you're looking for the easy way out.

  3. Thanks - I think you answered my question - this forum does not have a digest of fishing spots.

    I'll keep lurking/posting, as I'm not against finding the info - it's just that in many of the forums I frequent (non-fishing) someone often sort of "rolls up" common pieces of info.

    And yes - I AM looking for the "easy" way out - it's not a bad thing if there IS an easy way :)

    Someone once said "days in the lab can save hours in the library" - or some such thing.

  4. Bill,

    These things are always points of contention in posting fishing info. The "what", "when", and particularly the "where" can cause the major conflict on fishing message boards. I'll give exact locations/presentations for Lake Erie almost every time, assuming there is no tourney coming up. UIt's a big lake and has some "limiting factors" that most nland waters don't have. Inland lakes and especially rivers I usually keep to myself. IMO, it would be too easy for these systems to be overfished, especially if the info got out that a particular area was "hot". Ohio Game Fishing is one of, if not the best site I have ever seen for fishing information. It is especially good for Erie reports, as well as general tackle and boating info. Specific "spot" reports for inland waters are hard to come by. Again, IMO, that is a good thing. I belive that much of the pleasure derived from fishing is obtained by "figuring it out" for yourself. Good luck.

  5. steelheadBob

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    hey Bill, if you ever fish north east ohio, shoot me a pm, ill let you in on some good old spots....
  6. I obviously didn't read this post like a few others did. My take on it is that he would like to see a glossary of acronyms and abbreviations often used in reports. Might not be a bad 'sticky' for those new to the forum.

    For example:

    PI = Presque Isle (Erie, PA).
    Sandbar = Lake Erie offshore from Lorain (approximately).
    The bubble = warm water discharge from the perry plant.
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    Go to Antrim Lake, Columbus OH. Take live bait and bobber. Stay there and catch monster fish.
  8. Bingo Steel Cranium! That's exactly what I'm looking for. I have figured a few out by digging around a bit, but it would be nice to know what they all stand for when reading through the posts.

    Thanks for the clarification.

  9. Thanks Ultralight - I just checked it out online - looks nice! I might take the boy up there before cold weather hits.
  10. Here are a few acronyms regarding spots around the Dayton Area.

    GMR = Great Miami River
    MR = Mad River
    Stilly = Stillwater River
    LMR = Little Miami River
    CJ = Buck Creek Lake in Springfield
    Dead Sea = Ceasers Creek Lake
    Eyes = Saugeyes inland or Walleyes if your fishing CJ or Erie

    Im sure there are many more but this is a good start, any others Im forgetting?? Please add them

    *** Please note that the common etiquette of this board ( and most fishing boards) is that folks do NOT EVER refer to a specific point on a river but more like, the "Upper" "Middle" or "Lower" LMR for example and NEVER, EVER list the name of a tributary to any of the rivers, only refer to catching something from a "Trib to the GMR" as small streams are usually private property and do not need any extra publicity as the fisheries are very fragile.

    Lastly welcome aboard, feel free to ask or respond specifics to your own discretion in a PM ( Private Message) where not the entire world is watching. Remember that for every 1 person who is registered on the board, i bet there is 10 others who only lurk and troll for easy info.

    Tight Lines,
    PS Im in the Dayton area and if I can help, please let me know
  11. Dead Sea! That one was killing me! Thanks Salmonid - and I understand the policy - no problem.

  12. OSP - old state park, portage lakes (turkeyfoot lake)
    PIB - Put In Bay, Lake Erie Islands (south bass)
    LM, EFLM - little miami river, east branch little miami (Cincinnati area)
    Sidecut, Bluegrass - public park area on Maumee river, a bit south of the turnpike and I-475. Popular places in the spring for walleyes and white bass.

    The trollers on the Erie board have a bunch of acronyms and abbreviations for methods and gear as well.
  13. I think the title is what got everyone confused. I thought that he was just asking for lakes or rivers to fish. Not specific spots. I only fish Erie anymore.
    And as I don't have my own boat at this time, I sometime don't remember the numbers we fished. I do try to narrow it down for every one though. Good Luck. Bob Y.
  14. Here's a few from the Central OH forum...

    O'Shay / OSR = O’Shaughnessy Reservoir
    Tangy = Olentangy River
    The Nut = Big Walnut Creek
    Koko = Kokosing River

    Don't even get me started on nicknames for our fishing holes at "AC" (Alum Creek Reservoir) ;)
  15. Thanks much!

    Here is what I have so far:

    • AC: Alum Creek
    • CC: Caesars Creek Lake
    • CJ: Buck Creek Lake in Springfield
    • Dead Sea: Caesers Creek Lake
    • EFLM: east branch little miami (Cincinnati area)
    • Eyes: Saugeyes inland or Walleyes if your fishing CJ or Erie
    • GMR: Great Miami River
    • Koko: Kokosing River
    • LM: little miami river
    • LMR: Little Miami River
    • MR: Mad River
    • O'Shay: O’Shaughnessy Reservoir
    • OSP: old state park, portage lakes (turkeyfoot lake)
    • OSR: O’Shaughnessy Reservoir
    • PI: Presque Isle (Erie, PA).
    • PIB: Put In Bay, Lake Erie Islands (south bass)
    • Sandbar: Lake Erie offshore from Lorain (approximately).
    • Sidecut Bluegrass - public park area on Maumee river, a bit south of the turnpike and I-475. Popular places in the spring for walleyes and white bass.
    • Stilly: Stillwater River
    • Tangy: Olentangy River
    • The bubble: warm water discharge from the perry plant.
    • The Nut: Big Walnut Creek
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