Liquid Scent!?

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  1. I always see the liquid scent you put on your lures to attract fish. But, I am alway hesitent to purchase them, because I never hear how effective they really are. So, do any of you guys out there use it or ever used it? If so how do you feel about it?
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    seanb19.....excellent topic you picked.......I have always been a big believer in scents and the effects they have, on making fish take lures or baits on different levels of interest, in different areas of applications...Biggest thing that I have learned is that they (scents) seem to be at there best levels of usefulness in cool to colder water temps ( generally ) less than 65 degrees. Not to say that they dont work at higher water temps.... but at the higher tend to have higher levels of of aggressive behavior while they are in feeding modes.......within the limits of each species, comfort level. Bottom line........sents are greatly under used and sometimes written off only as a gimik to get your money.......very far from the truth........Great lengths are gone thru by companys to study there effects on fish.... Berkley being one of the ones near or at the top of that ladder....I have been fishing and messing with scents for over thirty plus years......and totally can say to anyone that has put as much time into this that I have......IS, THEY DO WORK.....Maybe not every trip ......but nothing catches fish the same on every trip you take.....but I can tell you that putting something on your bait or lure that just might sway that fish to grab your offering can make all the difference in your fishing trip......Do your homework on the various brands that are offered on todays market.......find one that really seems to help and fit your styles of fishing..........and when you do, stick with it...... Oh, yes.... I'll give you a tip that I have also used for far more years than I care to mention......but "YOU DIDN'T HERE IT FROM ME"...........A little spray can that has WD40 on it...........won't be too far from my hand.......catches any thing that swims and that Includes Ice Fishing.......Hope that this adds something to your arsenal of fishing weapons that will last you a life time it has for me ..........many great fishing trips to you in the future......Jon Sr...

  3. Wow!? I think that was one of the best responses I have ever received since I have been a member of OGF. I always heard that WD40 works, but I was afraid to use it. I may just go out and pick up some liquid scent stuff and try it out. Thanks!!
  4. If i have it near me, wd40 or one of the marketed scents I use it. As stated alot of time and research has likely been spent in the production of these the least in my mind they may help mask any of the contaminents i have contacted ...skoal,a potato chip, maybe some acid when i hook up my battery anything you touch you can transfer to your bait.I like to give a squirt of something on there just to give me the piece of mind im not hindering my chances with my various odors.wd40 works!although im not too sure about pb blaster.
  5. I believe it does make a difference. There's been quite a few times when the person with me isn't using any scent and I always use it. We're fishing the same bait and I'm outfishing them by quite a bit. That's enough to convince me. For years I've been using Bang, in garlic, shad/crawfish.
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    I use 'em on anything I fish and I will tell you this, whether it catches more or not, it certainly doesn't hurt!
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    The other night we were cat fishing milton from shore. All we had for bait was livers and worms. We never got a bite off the livers but the worms were hitting ok. I dipped a worm after it was on the hook into the blood from the livers and boom got 1 almost instantly. My bud keep just using worms I used diped worms and was out catching him 3 to 1. I havent tried any other sents but that night made a belevier out of me that it was a big difrence.
  8. yea scents are definitely worth it, at first i thought they were a hoax but I remember that one night at pymie where I first used scent, my cousin bought a bottle of garlic scent from walmart just to try. we started off vertical jigging with blade baits and after an hour or two with no fish we decided to try it. within a few minutes of jigging the scented blade bait we had the first double of the night(walleye) we caught sooo many walleye that night(few keepers) and that really hooked us on night fishing AND using scents. after that night I dont put too many baits out without it.
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    the baitmate classic from wal-mart works extremely well for crappie/panfish.
  10. I vote for the WD-40 also. I have seen it work when people fishing a few feet away and not using it, were:S ! Another over the counter "smear on"(pun not intended!) is Preparation-H! No fooling-I've seen it work and always have some in my ice bucket.
  11. I also heard fixadent works good if your getting hits but just cant seem to get good hook set.
  12. For walleye there is only one scent.... the snot! Pro-Cure!

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    I use scents if for nothing else to at lest mask any scents on my hand, If I find myself out on the water without a bottle of scent I’ll rub my hands with some weeds or mud from the bank before touching any bait or lure. I like the Crave Gravy line of scents and have found them, IMHO, to work the best. Another scent that works good in anise (not anus) oil. This is especially good for steel ether mixed in with fresh roe or on a lure and I’ve found that other species of fish like it too.
  14. Do these same tactics apply to saltwater fish as well? Particularly Reds and Specks?
  15. I think it could work. I mean when you deep sea fish you use chum right?
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    I'm very glad to see that guys are stepping up and giving their accounts of what sents they use and how they relate to their fishing needs......this is a true case of of how a simple question.........can open up an information highway.......that just goes on and on........Since I'm an old timer at trying scents......I'll give my personal choice of the commercial brand that has caught more fish for me over the years......DR. JUICE SUPER JUICE (Tournament Strength) and comes in scents to cover most fresh water fishing situations..... The coolest part of this product is, that it's strong enough of a product, that you only need one drop to run down your bait or lure to actually do the job. It's been around for along time and as you well know.........if it dosen't work (or sell) will not last that that long on todays sales market. Once again.......thanks to seanb19 for bringing up this topic... that can..... with the right application.......make some of you out there..... far better fishermen than you already's that easy...Good fishing to all.......Jon Sr.
  17. Anyone using scents for Erie Walleye? If so, does it help or does it just get more non-target bites?

    I've used them for pond bass and gills over the years, but really just prefer powerbait or similar plastics now.
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    boss302.......don't spend the time that I used to put in on Lake Erie any more........ but age old lessons learned......should be repeated. For years, used scents on cranks....spoons..and even erie-deries......guess what, they all caught walleyes.....Lake Erie is just a much bigger puddle of water......and walleyes........Well I guess that they are still walleyes........where ever they live and eat. As for non-targeted species.......your going to catch your fair share on certain trips.....and in Lake Erie, there are just so many numbers of other fish that like to eat the same things that "eyes" do.....but I guess thats part of the game when you fish in a large puddle of water that holds a catch-able population of 60 million "plus" eyes that just might like the smell of what ever you are trolling or casting......PS..... Over the years....WD still can out fish them all.... Jon Sr.
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    That's why I don't use sunscreens when fishing!

    That's because there is shark liver oil in Preparation H just like WD-40.

    Preparation H
    Active Ingredients: Mineral Oil (14%) (Protectant), Petrolatum (71.9%) (Protectant), Phenylephrine HCl (0.25%) (Vasoconstrictor), Shark Liver Oil 3.0% (Protectant)

    Inactive Ingredients: Beeswax, Benzoic Acid, BHA, Corn Oil, Glycerin, Lanolin, Lanolin Alcohol, Methylparaben, Paraffin, Propylparaben, Thyme Oil, Tocopherol, Water
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