Three different batteries . Specs on pics of all three. All came from Amped Outdoors.
All have been used but have plenty of life left. All these are great for ice fishing. Or powering lights for boat fishing at night.

this is the 20 AH one and is priced @ 100.00

This is the 30AH and is priced @ 160.00

This is the 16 AH and is priced @ 80.00

The average draw on a 7 inch screen is .8 of an amp which means it would run 20 hours on the 16 , 25 hours on the 20 AH , 37.5 hours on the 30 AH. I suggest you invest in the proper charger for these. You can use a regular lead acid battery charger. BUT it will not charge to full capacity.

I am fixed on the prices. I will listen to trades for reloading equipment or reloading supplies. Located in Berlin Center. Not too far from the lake in Mahoning County I would also suggest bringing your ice unit with you. To ensure it will fit your setup. I will help you install it if you want.

First I will take it post trumps all questions. If you do have questions you can PM me for cell # . We can either text or talk about them.