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  1. Hi all..I fish with 6# test line a lot.. In the ponds on the eastside. But I am have troube finding good fishing line.. some spools good some bad. Used Trilene and spiderwire.. I test before i buy but the spool hase bad spots .. Need some help.. Off work for the next 5 weeks do to time in Mt. carmel.. Good luck fishing 6#test...
  2. In my opinion Trilene XL has never disappointed me as far as having "bad spots". If you are storing it for any length of time you need to make sure to keep it out of sunlight because the ultraviolet rays will damage the line over time.

  3. I buying 330 yd rolls and some not over 30 days old.. bass pro shop and a bait store.. Thanks for repliling...
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    you should give p-line flouro clear a try
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    Another vote for p-line
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    Trilene big game has always been good to me. If you have a bad spool contact Trilene and see what they will do for you, you never know.
  7. If you getting that many bad spools of Trilene, check you guides. I bet you have a bad guide that is nicking your line. I would then try the P-line floroclear for a spinning outfit. That said Johnboy uses spinning more than me.
  8. I have plenty of different line on my reels. I personally like the Trilene XL for 6lb test. Casts a long ways and to me seems very durable. Recently I tried the spiderwire XXX mono. Bass Pro had it on sale for 3.XX something I bought the 6lb and it is a very nice line also. I have a buddy who only uses Ande saltwater line. He hardly gets a break in it. However with this line I see a lot of memory. I have not tried the P-Line but I have heard great things from it.
    Good Luck with the line.

  9. No the line will brick right off the spool...But I will try p-line.. Donald... hope to be back fishing sone....
  10. What do you mean by breaking off the spool? If thats the case sounds more like a knot issue than a line issue. Are you allowing the entire line of spool to be out?