Line Survey for Ice-Fishing Panfish

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  1. My ice rig set up for my rods usually is 4lb with a 2 lb leader. (I'll vary the kine of 4 lb line & 2 lb line between manufactureres and brand).

    My 2 lb Polaris line sure is limber and breaks so easily, I'm skeptical of using it these days.

    What's your favorite ice rig line setup? have you ever fished with 1 lb or 1/2 lb line?
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    I use 3lb Berkley Ice on 2 rods and cajun red 4lb on 2 others. I just bought a spool of Fireline crystal that's 2lb (1/2lb diameter) and I'm looking forward to try it out.....Hopefully sooner rather than later!

  3. ....ParmaBass...You will like it I put Fireline Crystal 4 Lb. on most of my ice rods last year...mrphish42,, introduced me to it and I love it...Let us know what you think as soon as you get out...Safety on the Ice...C.L....
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    what is the lightest lb test that you'd use for ice fishing...and isnt that fireline a braid? how does it hold up in the cold? does the ice stick to it?
  5. ....Some of the guys go down as low as 2lb....I use 4lb...but then I use a two foot leader of floro...I have not seen any difference in the freeze up compared to mono.......C.L....
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  6. Been fishing with clear blue stren 4lb and 6lb for over 40 years. Use the same line in the summer and for Ice fishing. Have never had a problem in either time period. In the winter I do use 6lb for saugeye and stick to 4lb for my gills and crappie. Have tried 2lb stren but my eyes ain't that good anymore and it causes a problem when switching jigs. Wont knock the modern Ice lines but in my openion the most important tackle you can own is a Vex.Works for me.
  7. ...dock dabber...I know what you mean about the eyes not being what they used to be...I have more trouble at night using the coleman always a shadow ...As for the fishing line ...I feel what ever is working and makes a guy happy ...should be good enough...sometimes I will take a suggestion from someone else and sometimes I don"t...GOOD FISHING GUY...C.L...
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