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line spooling.

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by castmaster00, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. castmaster00

    castmaster00 very avid fisherman

    does anyone know how to spool line onto a reel? i am new at this and i dont know how. i have heard things about putting the line in water and spooling it on that way or things like counter-clockwise. any idears ? tips or tricks?
  2. streamstalker

    streamstalker deleted

    You will get a better response in the Tackle Talk forum.

    I would not worry about how you put in on from the spool; however, after you put it on, find a grassy area and walk out the line however far you have room for. Then, reel the line back in. I grab onto the line with my free hand around the first rod guide so that I can keep some tension on it while reeling it in. This will take almost all of the twist out of the line.

    Some other things you can do to eliminate twist are to stand in current or trail the line out the back of the boat and let the water take it off of the spool. Reel it back in, and all of the twist will be gone. The water itself will keep sufficient tension on the line.

  3. ryosapien

    ryosapien Bad@

    yeah just hook the end of the line to that little plastic triangle on your reel (be sure the line is around the bail), then put the spool of line on a stick (i use an old rod) put your feet on both sides of the spool and reel it up. I use two piece rods so this is possible. occasionally the line will drift off the spool and wrap the rod just take it off get it straight and continue. when you reel in the line keep tension on the spool with your toes and the line comes on nice and tight. respool often line is weakened by sunlight and monofilament stretches and becomes stressed. I learned that lesson the hard way too many fish got away brother. happy casting.
  4. castmaster00

    castmaster00 very avid fisherman

    what knot do i use to attach the line to the spool?
  5. I used to have the same problem until I bought a spooling station, think I spent $20 or so on it. Had it for about 4 years and it's super easy to use. The 'ol stick in a spool trick still works fine, it's better when someone else is holding it though I found.
  6. castmaster00

    castmaster00 very avid fisherman

    i am on an extremely low income rate right now so i cant afford to buy didly. what knot would i use to tie braid onto a reel and lures?
    thats for the uniknot which is handy in about any situation from tyin on lures or tyin line to line, as far as the knot for the reel I just use the square knot, never had a problem with that but have heard others not like to use it.
  8. spray line with reel magic, it helps reduce memory on the line