Line for pike?

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  1. I've never caught a pike, but expect to get a few this weekend. I plan to use a reel that has 30LB Power Pro. Do I need to get some steel leaders, or will the 30LB braid be OK (If I check the line after each fish)? Thanks!
  2. You will be fine with the Power Pro. That is all I use. In fact I have a couple of rods with mono and I don't even use leaders on them either. I have only had a few occasions where I had a cutoff and it was almost always at strike impact. The pike really like to thrash a lot when they strike. This thrashing sometimes causes them to pop loose on braids (no stretch) which warrants the use of a shock leader. If I went with any leader type material I would be more prone to putting on 17#-20# flourocarbon. Pike's teeth are conical and not serrated like those of the muskie, therefore there is less chance of getting cut off. As with any fishing, just check for nicks in the line regularly.

  3. Thanks! I have some 20LB flouro, and will make some leaders.
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    i use spidewire original braid, works great all day long with the fletchers pond pike
  5. maybe that heavier line works but I know I had lots of pike cut my line in Minnesota. I was only using 8lb mono though. When we fished for pike we always used a steel leader and even then had one cut the line above the leader. I only had an 6" leader when the one got cut off but never had any get cut off with 12" leaders.
  6. I use 12# mono and a 18# test 6" fine braided steel leader for the Canadian pike, but others are slowly convincing me to use the mono with a snap swivel and fish naked. Cuts are mostly due to rocks and nicks and seldom have I caught a pike with mono near its teeth...usually the length of in line spinner or bomber/rapala minnow is sufficient, but I would hate to give up a trophy that's a good swallower. :p
  7. If a pike is going to cut you off they are going to get you in their mouth as they do not have a sharp gill plate like the muskies. Therefore I can't see the advantage of a 6" leader over a 12" unless the fish is taking the bait very deep.:confused: 8# mono is pretty much on the light side for attacking a thrasher like a pike. Because of their length they are able to put extreme pressure on with just a head shake. I am wondering if perhaps you lost some of those fish from line failure due to exceeding its capability? I have landed several pike over 30" mostly with spinnerbaits while using 12# mono. I have since changed over to Power Pro but I only had a few occasions where I had the line break and some of those times I feel was becasue I did not remember to check the line regularly enough. I landed my personal best 42" 19.5# pike a few years back on the 12# mono with spinnerbait. Never have I used a wire leader.
  8. I have heard a lot of people who feel that the fine wire leaders (titanium perhaps?) do not affect the bite. If that is the case then it would not hurt to have them on. I believe that when I am chucking the spinnerbaits and in-line spinners that it may not make a difference. However when I am jigging or working a spoon I feel that the action would be compromised.
  9. We were mostly fishing for smallies and walleye, thats why I just had 8lb line, and would hook pike by mistake. We would get some in and loose some. Mostly using small jigs and tails for walleye and smallies so I assume when the pike hit a small bait like that they took the whole thing in the mouth. The one I lost with the 6" leader was on a Zara spook so I assume that the pike hit ahead of the bait and cut the line. I'm pretty sure it was cut and not broke.
  10. I have heard lots of people talk about how a wire leader messes up the action of the lure but where we were the pike were so aggressive it didnt matter. Maybe if we were not catching so many we would have needed to try something different but we were having no problem finding them or getting them to hit! Pike are a blast to catch.
  11. Steel leader can sure mess up the action of floating minnows and lures, even suspending ones...for that reason I have been getting away from them somewhat, but still use when trolling for pike and sometimes casting mepps. I think using them on spinner bait is silly, but tell my teen boys that....they have "fear of loosing the big one". I find steel leaders to get twisted and bent after a couple dozen casts in rocky weeded water.

    Plan to go without steel leaders on my 3rd and final trip to Canada in September - Algonquin provincial park in Ontario.......i'll report back
  12. Three trips?!! I am envious. I will be looking forward to the report.:B
  13. Spinnerbaits?

    I planned on using 3/8oz bass style spinnerbaits. I have some nice ones with pretty painted blades that I hope the pike will destroy! Should I be using in-line spinners rather that the bass spinnerbaits? Thanks agian!
  14. It didnt make any differnce for me on the type of spinner, spoons worked just as good. Pike will hit anything and often will the the same bait if you dont get a hook set on the first strike. Top waters are the most fun, big zara spooks!!
  15. I use alot of inline spinners/bucktails with big (6-8") trailer grubs versus the safety pin style, but that's just my preference. Just like I prefer colorado blades to willow. There's no real reason for these preferences, they just are my confidence baits. I also use my musky gear when fishing pike. I'm spooled up with 80# power pro on one rod and 65# spider wire on the other. I use the steel leaders I've got attached, but figure I could get by without them as I've never had a pike take one of my bucktails deep enough to have a bite off problem. Truthfully, I'm just too lazy to cut them off and retie everytime I change lures (every dozen or so casts). Keep in mind the inline spinners I'm running are between 8 and 12" in length so they kind of form their own leader. I very seldom fish with a lure less than 6" in length. One other thing to keep in mind, I've never had a pike attack a lure from behind, its always been from the side. They may approach from behind, but always seem to hit from the side when they decide to attack. With a smaller bait, I can see them getting their teeth on the line. But with the superline/braid you should be okay. I'd still take a few leaders with you just to be on the safe side in case you start getting bite offs. Nothing is more frustrating for me than getting into a battle with a big fish, having him snap you off and leaving you standing there thinkin' if only I had... Just my 2 cents.

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    You will need to take a few larger titanium spinner baits. 1/2 at least
    Large single willow preferably. You can rip them thru the weeds better.
    Black and Orange Reed Runners by Northland are my favorite for Michigan/NY/Minn. I also like the big tandem willow Horizon Spinner baits their bodies are solid and make long casts/wire is a bit thicker but the cupped blades make up in vibration. Take a spare pack of black skirts incase you do good with the'll need em.

    for Pike...look into