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  1. I would be interested in hearing how you guys dispose of your old fishing line. That stuff can be a death trap for anything caught in it, but I have no place around here that will recycle it.

    We do burn some papers in a burner barrel once in a while and I think it would melt in there to make it safe.

  2. Tell me where within about 20 miles of Rogers, OH, and I'll do it.
  3. Most of the bigger outdoor stores have a box to put it in hold onto it till you are headed to a bait store and hand it to them
  4. Thanks Jeff, but take a look at a map and see where Rogers is located. :)

    My local tackle store is a mom & pop type, except that there is no pop involved. They have no line recycling box.
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    The Gander stores that I have been to take old line and recycle it.