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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by lg_mouth, Jul 16, 2005.

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    I am curious of OGF's opinions on line conditioners. I just saw a commercial for KVD's new line conditioner and it seemed like a good product, but most things do in their commercials. I have personally never tried Reel Magic, or any other line conditioners, but would be interested in KVD's if I think it may help.So let's hear it OGF, good or bad?

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    I have never used any line or reel conditioners. Just take my reel apart and clean & oil it after every couple trips. I've always been leary of line conditioners because I don't want anything adding any unwanted scent to my line. Though I'm sure they all claim to be unscented.

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    I wouldn't even think of using my baitcaster without reel magic it truly helps. KVD's stuff looks even better I can't wait to try it. It suppose to give you 30% more casting distance aswell!!
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    not sure if you are being serious or not but "don't believe the hype" (that 30% thing). my guess is that you are being sarcastic. i know i'm no fun....
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    I own the van dam stuff and it works pretty well. def. no complaints to me. If i was using mono it may be even better. i is also a good cleaner, as mentioned on the site and stuff. For the price, it's worth a try. heres a link to the site:
  6. I use the reel magic I don't have any complaints. It says it reduces memory and it does. It says it has no smell after it dries I am catching fish so I would have to say it has no smell. I am pleased with the product.
  7. I've been using Reel Magic for a couple of years now - I to was originally leary about adding any scent to my line, but it does work, especially with the heavier and stiffer fluorocarbons. Reduces line memory and does help with casting. I have also gotten into the habit of wiping my line guides with the product, noticeably helps with the smoothness while pitching.

    For mono, I just change line often, but will still wipe down the guides.
  8. What exactly is this stuff supposed to do? What does it do to the line? Does it make it weaker or anything? thanks Phil
  9. I would say it acts like an ArmourAll for fishing line. It relaxes the memory in the line and acts as a sort of lubricant as the line passes through the reel and the guides. I have never had a problem with it weakening the line, quite the opposite - you probably can get a little more mileage out of a spool as long as the line isn't nicked up to badly.
  10. Reel Magic Works For Me.
  11. Thanks Buzz for the answer. If it works like that I might have to give it a try.