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Lindner's Fishing Edge on Netflix

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by pymybob, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Just thought I'd throw this out there that Netflix has season one of Lindner's Fishing Edge television show was currently added. Love me some Al Lindner! Enjoy boys and girls!
  2. Al Linder has shaped my life of fishing more than probably anyone. I miss the old publications and shows. I think I still have the original in-fisherman series when it was published in a newspaper format. (They're pretty yellow now). His series now is pretty watered down pushing sponsors but I still watch.
    Thanks, I'll fire up the Netflix tonight!
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  3. Yeah I think most every Midwest fisherman has had some linder in there life at one point or another!
    Many many moons ago my uncle set in an listened to al linder speak at the now closed down delta marina on old Brice road (even before they moved to gender).
    He over herd some guys talking chit about Ohio fishing an saying "Ya good luck finding them here al"...
    He interrupted them. Said name a place an time. Then went on to talking walleye in Ohio. At that time in his opinion he ranked the top 3 eye fisheries in Ohio 1 lake Erie 2 sciota river,and 3 Hoover dam.
    Then went on ranting an raveing about Hoover the rest of the seminar,his main tactic was trolling the rip rap on smothers and the big flat in the ne corner there.
    My uncle was able to duplicate his success many times,both there an the sciota. If you do some searching they have done a lot of Ohio fishing not including lake Erie. They even have a semi recent article mentioning ice fishing saugeyes on the shallow lakes here like Indian an buckeye an were pretty spot on
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  4. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    If he isn't already, Al Lindner really should be in the fresh water fishing hall of fame!

    Edit: He was inducted in 1986! Wow! Ron, 1991, James 2007 & Bill 2013.
  5. Neck of a line up of heavy hitters in one family
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  6. i really like what jeremy smith brings to that group too. ive learned so much from all those guys. i have about 40 angling edge and fishing edge episodes saved in my dvr and just picked up 5 angling edge dvds to go along with several older classic in-fisherman dvds in my library. there are a ton of full episodes on youtube.
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  7. James F

    James F Senior Member

    You can not go wrong with the advice from the Lindner bunch, they know how to catch fish and also how to teach, Another excellent individual is, Doug Strange.They and many of their friends have brought fishing to where it is today. I admire and respect all of their hard work, so generations can enjoy the same fishing that we do.
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  8. Just saw this post and found it on Netflix thank u!
  9. 9Left


    you can also look up Otis the "toad" Smith on you tube ... it shows a lot of old footage with Doug Stange
  10. This is awesome news. Al is my favorite multi-species angler. I have some pretty old VHS tapes I begged my parents to get for me when I was young. I love watching the older footage. Something about it is just nostalgic to me. His story is pretty interesting too. Binge watching this for sure.
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  11. Netflix has been adding some more outdoor stuff recently. For hunting they now have MeatEater and some Babe Winkleman. Some other hunting show as well, although I cant remember it's name
  12. nathan161

    nathan161 Guest

    I Just started watching, awesome show so far!
  13. Watched a few episodes this morning.
  14. They added the ultimate angling experience as well, but it's most of the same shows as linders angling edge that's on the other one lol.
  15. Pulling solid 25-30" channels through the ice hole! What a blast! And jigging them not just dead sticking live/cut bait.
    Spoons and jigs with cut minnows.
  16. montagc

    montagc Always an inch shy

    I like the fishing content of the show, and I love the Lindners, but I could do with out the not-so-subtle product placement and two minutes of proselytizing at the end.
  17. ive seen all of these multiple times previously and have most or all saved on my dvr or on dvds but still found myself binging on all of the episodes yesterday morning.

    FISHER OF MEN Native2 Grtr Toledo Area

    Al Lindner my favorite as he is informative and knows and speaks the Word of God.
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  19. Yeah some like the ending and some don't.
    I just start the next episode once the last segment begins. I respect him for putting a message out there he believes in and I respect him for what he does an has done (talking al here). But if I want preached to I'll hit church on sunday....
    But again I don't care one way or another
  20. I listen to the end only because he cares enough about his Belief to put it in his show. I dont really believe in religious teachings, but that is a subject people been arguing about for thousands of years. I like Al, so I watch the ending out of respect.
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