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    With the cost of gas, I've been thinking of communting around in a limo....HaHa j/k

    Seriously though anyone reccomend a decent limo service for this weekend? It is for a wedding, and only needed to take Bride and Groom from the Church to reception (about 15 minute drive) then (3-4 hours later) from reception to hotel (again only 15 minute drive or so).

    Everything I have found is 3 hour minimum, and wont come back to pick you up, and high priced.

    Should add will be in Columbus. Wedding is in Westerville, and Hotel is in Polaris, and reception hall is in between. If that gives you a reference of distance some.
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    Unfortunately, those policies are very typical of every limo company I've ever dealt with. On top of that you're in "last minute" mode of trying to find one...not good. Many might have given you a small break if you'd made reservations and a deposit a few months prior.

    Best thing I can suggest is to stress that the limo will be setting idle for a few hours without any driving and hope they might offer you a small hourly discount during that time period.

    *Also, don't forget to factor in 20% tip to the driver on top of the rental fees.

    Overall, it might be cheaper to rent a car or passenger van (if the entire wedding party is riding) and have someone offer to drive as part of their wedding gift.

  3. Ditto on the car rental.....Check with Enterprise about a cadddy or a van...They sometimes have nice specials...I try to rent whenever I'm going to put on miles in a hurry. I rented a mustang to go to the furniture mart in Hickory Nc and put on 1400 miles on a weekend for a $49 rental fee,,,Better them than me....

    MLAROSA Loving Life

    Yeah, I thought we had everything covered....heh. On top of it, it's prom season. Probably end up renting a car, or getting a car and driver.
  5. I'm in the transportation business.

    Well lets look at the Limos stance.

    15min ride = then what?
    another 15min., ride & then ?

    What does one do during this 3/4hr. standby?

    How long does it take for the Limo Guy to get there ? TIME = ? for a 15min., ride? I dont think so. Then back for another 15min. ride. Nope that does not work that way & if you were in their shoes you'd understand. Its TIME, TIME, TIME = $$$$.

    Your better off renting a Lincoln Town car NOW, cause if you don't there wont be any for the weekend you looking for.

    Not to put a damper on things but would you travel 1/2 hr. to pick some-one up for a 15min., ride??????

    ANYWHO, CONGRATS on YOUR WEDDING, the real fun then starts. Good Luck To You & Your Honey,

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