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  1. I would like to Welcome, all cat fisherman, to come to Lima and get some of these things out of are reservoirs.

    I have been catching TO MANY, by accident, while panfishing that i am tired of catching them and you can have the rest.

    Let me recomend Bressler and Metzger reservoirs as the place to fish.

    Location to find them

    Bressler - north, east and south bank. Lots of cats on the bank in the morning hours for you to catch. Daylight to 12 noon

    Metzger - north and west bank, but should be on the east and south banks to. Just havent fished those.

    Tackle - I would recomend, a slip bobber setup fished 8 to 12 ft. deep close to the bank.
    Bait- either worms or cut shad or shrimp should get you plenty.

  2. Buckeye MIke, Just how big are these cats you are catching? Thanks

  3. Got 1, 2 weeks ago of the west bank of Metzger while looking for perch and gills that was 30 '' long. Got him on a panfish jig, 4 lb. line and my 9 ft. wally marshall rod. Plus had 2 more that were in the 3 to 4 lb. class. All in-about 20 minutes time. Enough to make your arm tired.

    Have saw some jumbing/ rolling that were bigger then the 30'', and all close to the bank. To big that i dont want to mess with them. And this has been going on for the last 2 weeks, at Metzger and Bressler.
  4. I see the carp on the sure you seeing catfish on the banks? They dont spawn until the water reaches around 70 degrees...theres no way the water is that warm. Then when they do spawn they go find crevices in the rocks at reservoirs, not in the open like carp do.
  5. YEA, they are cats. Cats are not right on the bank like carp do, but off the bank 10 yards and more. I have seen plenty of both to know the difference.
  6. fxs


    Definitely CATS and too damn many of them!! If you want smaller (14 to 16") go on the south side of Bressler between the pump houses. 11ft I caught them on crickets but I believe they will eat everything.
  7. YEA I agree, but i have saw some on that south bank A LOT BIGGER then the 14 to 16 '' size. Have saw some in there that i dont want to mess with.
  8. I started fishing for them about 3 years ago just so i could catch big fish, but i started eating them and i really like them. I have allready caught about 20 this year out of bresslers and i continue to take them. I am only one man though! I should say though if i catch one over 10 pounds i through it back. I hate to tell you but there are alot of people that are super serious diehard catfisherman. Go to the B.O.C. website and you will see. I consider myself a pretty serious catfisherman, but i still am more dedicated to large and smallmouth bass. I don't understand why more people dont keep and eat them(catfish). Well, just wanted to tell you i am doing my part to keep the population under control.
  9. I would love to come up there and help you take care of your catfish problem. However, I live in Columbus, and not sure how to get there. A lot of us down here are having issues catching them due to the spawn.
  10. They probally dont keep them because they think its to much work to clean them! I clean and eat all mine catfish pliers for the win!
  11. I have some friends down in Louisana, they clean them just like a walleye. then trim off the fat strip on the fillet. The population of catfish must be huge there because the limit is 100 per day! they love to eat them though. Another tip they gave me was to cut the fillet in half to make it thinner, they say thats why its so mushy when you try to fry them up, also try some cajun seasoning like Tony Chachere's or your favorite in your flour or corn meal.

    I was lucky enough to be down there during the crawfish season a couple months ago, WOW now thats some good eating!!
  12. carterfish

    carterfish FISH-ON

    I was trolling bresler last saturday night harness with a leech, caught a nice cat, about 6 lbs. My buddy also caught 1 about 3 lbs.
  13. Yea we have a Few serious cat fisherman in the Lima area just not enough of you . And to make matters worse, the ODNR stocked 17,000 more in Metzger last year, plus they did Bresslers to, not sure how many they stocked thou.

    Not sure why i dont like cats, they do fight good, and have cleaned a few, just dont like the taste of them, i guess. Dont like the greasy taste.

    So how does everyone get the greasy taste out of them ?
  14. I have cooked them several different ways. By far the best is just deep fry them with a beer batter. You must cut the dark meat off of the has a strong taste. I have never heard any one saying they are greasy though. You can bake them with batter on them also for less fat, but i deffinetely deepfry almost all of them.
  15. Have you ever soaked 1 in salt water overnight and seen the grease floating on top the next day. I have
  16. Mike

    I tried to catch some cats for you last night at bresslers but got :S . I used fress cut bait and night crawlers. I fished the south side by the punp house.
  17. Well sorry you got :S , but the most activaty out of the cats, that i have seen has been in the morning. And this has been on the south bank, about half way between the pump houses. On the east bank, about 100 yards north of the ramp. And around the NE corner, to the west.
    If i was going to fish for cats, i would use a slip bobber, set about 8 to 12 ft. deep, and use a worm, leach, shad or green shrimp.
    All the ones that i have been getting, have came on red worms while fishing for gills.
    Last Saturday, me and 2 friends were trying to find some gills, and started around the NE corner, and got nothing but cats. Moved to the East bank, nothing but cats.

  18. I went out today trying to reduce the population but only got a few flatheads. I was fishing the North East bank of Metzger. Like Mike said it was morning bite. I was panfishing earlier and then started for cats they turned off around 11:00 on that side.

    Tonight was the first time we actually cooked them they were great, not at all what we expected. I filleted them just like a walleye with an electric knife then cut the fillets into 1/4" strips. Then made some batter out of milk,egg, tabsco, and cajun seasoning. Then coated them in corn meal and they turned out excellent. for some reason they tasted awesome dipped in mustard. and not greasy at all, but they were small cats around 12-15".
  19. I'm about 99 percent positive there are no flatheads in any reservoir around lima. A flathead is very different looking from a channel cat, a flatheads lower jaw extends further out than his upper jaw. His mouth is also very wide compared to a channels narrow mouth. If there were flatheads in the lima reservoirs i would be happy because of the giant sizes they reach.
  20. I probably wrong Curly, these cats where a golden color and some spots on them. I haven't done much cat fishing and just gave it shot, I'll look on the odnr site and see what they where.....Okay, I see know what your saying and I caught channel cats. the Flat heads do huge. Sorry about that guys!