Lima Area Reservoirs

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  1. I havn't had a chance to check since I'm currently in Columbus for school purposes, but I'd like to know what are the statuses of the ICE on Lima Area Reservoirs. I know Lima Lake will probably freeze first. But there are plenty more in the vacinity. I'll probably call Milan's Bait Shop Thursday to see if he's stocked up for the season and if theres good ice yet. I know its been colder up in Lima, I just hope it's been cold enough.

    Any update will help:)

  2. They are not ready yet, just froze up good Monday night after the wind layed down. But did see 1 Ding-A-Ling fishing Lima Lake, Tuesday on a 1 1/2'' of ice.
    Dont sound good for fishing the Lima Lakes this year, unless the temps. predicted for Mon.& Tuesday change, and it stays cold. I would not touch any of the Lima Lakes without at least 6'' of good hard ice.
  3. I've always noticed Lima Lake to be quite shallow. The summers easily warm that water up like a hot tub, not to mention it's above ground. Even with all the cold weather we've had, and a low tonight that will reach single digits, no one still thinks Lima Lake will be fishable by saturday morning? They've got a pretty good species of fish in there and it would be great to hit that place up at least once.

    P.S. I'm just keeping the faith....;)
  4. All i can say is stop by and check it for your self. The last time i looked at it, it only had 1 1/2, might be 2 or 3 by now, and the water is bath tub clear, like you can see the bottom in 3 ft. of water, which makes for a tough bite. Didnt see anyone on it today on my way home from a farm pond i fished, pond only had 4'' of ice on it. GOOD LUCK
  5. Just checked Lima Lake today around 6:00 just before it got too dark. I saw one shanty out on the far end from the dock (SE Corner). He must have walked the perimeter. Out by the boat dock, I reached down a recently drilled hole (not having any measuring device) and could barely get a grasp on the top and bottom of the ice with my fingers. Granted the water is only 3feet around there, but the ice was well over 5-6 inches thick, not to mention,the ice was clear with VERY few air bubbles. I'm gonna head out there tomorrow morning and try to fish around the perimeter. Hopefully the snow covered ice will help ease the fish's senses. And hopefully its thick enough. :cool: with :C
  6. P.S.

    Called Milan's Bait shop in Lima... The owner was just headed home after fishing Indian Lake. He said its good to go down there as the fisherman are starting to migrate there. Good Luck and don't get :S