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  1. I rent a cabin on Leesville Lake once a year and recently discovered that if I threw Timber King skirted spoons (tied with 25 lb braided line on a Lunker Stik) across the top of very thick lily pads in a few of the bays, I can raise a number of decent bass strikes. Can anyone give me some other suggestions of what to use in this terrain?
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    I would say any frog imitation would work. I have had some luck with the new rage frog. Also I like the zoom buzz frog. I think that is what it is called...

  3. I have always done well in thick pads on a bait call the rat it lloks just like a little mouse works great
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    Large chartruse Slugos.
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    I fish the edges of pads with a 1/2oz white spinnerbait and do very well. Caught over 20 fish a day in one lake last summer on a couple different occasions.
  6. Chatterbait for pads that are not completely packed together.
  7. heavy equipment and jigs and tubes and creature baits. you will pull some big fish out of lilly pads that way.
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    Berkley 10" power worms are heavy enough to toss without any weight on heavier line. Weedless frog baits are great to toss onto a pad. Let them sit awhile and then slowly coax them off. On rare occasions a bass will knock it off of the pad. You can fish a Moss Boss through anything, but hooking a bass on one is another story--I've had some great blowups on them, but they always seem to miss. Don't ignore your buzz baits. They'll go through about anything, and if there is even the smallest area for the blades to spin, they'll be tempted.

    If you are fishing from a canoe or jonboat, you can sneak up on open pockets and toss lighter presentations and tackle. You can toss a hula popper and work it in a small space and when you do topwater, you've got a chance to keep their heads up before they bury themselves in the pads.
  9. i have been having a blast with the sizmic frogs as of late....

    heavy line is a must here

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    Good tips so far. I love Sluggos but I prefer white, green pumpkin or shad colored. Obviously any T rigged soft plastic thats big enough to cast with heavy line. Don't forget throwing a spinnerbait right in there. Use a light one with only 1 big Colorado blade. It'll slow its rate of fall the most. Its easier to underhand pitch the spinner in there so it'll hit the water a lot softer and not sink as fast.
  11. Zomm trick works Weightless!!
  12. Some great info guys. And every one of the baits mentioned will work in the pads.
    Now how about some tips on tackle, rods, reels and line. What do you like?

    Frogs, I like Ribbits and Yum frogs -- A 7 ½ flipping stick, Abu Garcia 5600 CB, 50 lb Power-Pro and a Gamakatsu 4,5 or 6/0 wide gap hook. Every now and then I will pitch a Uncle Josh Magnum Toad at the bass. This calls for a 12/0 wide gap hook. I have had 16 inch bass take a 8 ½ inch 3.8 oz Mag Toad. I sometimes wonder if a basses eyes are bigger than it’s stomach.
    Creatures and Craws
    A 4inch Yum craw bug on a 1oz jig, a personal favorite, any of the creature baits. Again a 7 ½ flipping stick but a slower reel an Abu 5500 C3, again a Gamakatsu EWG wide gap in a size to match the bait and 50 to 65 power-Pro.
    I know the high test Power-Pro is over kill, but I don’t worry when a hog bass gets hung up in the pads. I just fire up the trolling motor and go get her.

    A tip on frog rigging.
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  13. Throw a spro frog 7' med/hvy rod w/50 or 65# braid. Big key DO NOT set hook on strike , wait to feel the fish pull, you will hook up alot more if you do that.