lil cleo?

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    i know a lil cleo is a spoon but how do you fish them? what sizes do you use, colors? under a slip bobber? do you tip them with bait? i have an ultra lite rod I want to use, would this be ok? oh and does anyone have any spots on any of the rivers i can fish? i dont mind walking i just dont want to spend the time looking for good spots, thanks in advance. JB
  2. You'll probably be better off with a heavier stick, more like a 6'6 medium action or longer. You just cast and retrieve, don't tip with anything. Give it a twitch every now and then as you are retrieving. Send me a PM and I can tell you some decent spots depending on where and when you plan on going.

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    i believe it's 2/5ths and/or 1/2 o.z....silver and blue works pretty good....and you can go down to e.72nd and toss for them...i count down about 5 or more before cranking, but don't let it hit the bottom...keep your rod tip down while retrieveing...but someone caught a few in the ROCK so if it's river fishing you want...i'd start there.
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    The cleos and spoons I use are 2/5 and 1/2 ounce.
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    Hes NOT talking muskies Jim!!!;) :p
  6. The long wall and short are starting to produce those would be good spots to start. I have had the best luck with hot pink/yellow,green/silver,blue/green.