lighting, what to do?

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  1. I have never heard what you should do if you get caught out on the lake and a storm catches you. I know that you should get caught, but it does happen. Sometimes they just blow up from no where and its between you and the ramp. I go to shore and wait it out without a graphite rod in my hand. Any other ideas?
  2. I would say that you are right in going to the shore but maybe the rod in hand is not the proper choice.;) I would add that if you are on a shoreline they say you should not hang out by the tallest object(s) in the area so I would probably try to avoid the tallest trees as well. Others probably have better suggestions than that. Fortunately I have not been in that situation very often.

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    Funny that I should stumble on this topic on OGF...
    About a month or so ago, Rob and I were out on Mosquito lake. We could see off in the distance that there was a pretty nasty looking storm that was brewing, but it was still far away from us.
    It was drizzling on and off, but there was no thunder and no lightning.
    I went to make a cast (with my graphite rod...), and right there in mid-cast, I get zapped right down my index finger! Well, it wasn't exactly a "Zap", it was more like the buzzing/shocking feeling I felt when I was little and stuck my hand into my Dads aquarium when there was a short in the heater.
    I really didn't think much about it, and thought it was probably just static electricity from me just putting on my raincoat.
    I went to cast again, and it happened again!!!
    Then I had a flashback of when another WBT Angler (who is also a guide on Lake Okechobee) told me about the time that she got zapped when she was putting her (graphite) fishing rods back into the rod locker on her boat. She actually lost sensation in that finger for months after this happened.
    Still, there was no thunder and no lightning which was weird. But, that big black cloud off in the distance was still there.
    So after that experience, I did some research, and this is what I learned.
    1)When in a boat, try to get to shore and off your boat.
    2) Stand under the shortest trees that you can find.
    3) If there is a group of you, spread out.
    4) If you cannot make it to shore then seek the lowest area in your boat and lay flat. Make sure that you are not in contact with anything metal on the boat.
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    That's scary! Did you tell Rob and get the heck off the lake or say nothing and keep on fishing?
  5. ive experienced ---on 2 occasions--- that i would cast my weight forward spinner and it would drop in the water but the line would not fall---the more line that you payed out---the higher it would go----one of those times the hair stood up on my arm and neck and the antenna made funny noises---that time all i heard was "hang on were moving"---the boat started and we moved about a mile ---no effects there ---but it does get scary

    another charter guy i know was getting little shocks on his helm and he toughed his side rail next to his center console and fell on the floor and didnt breathe for 2 minutes while his client tried to ressusitate him---hes ok now but with the first sign of lightning or thunder---he is gone!
  6. Blue Pike.....thanks for the info.
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    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true! funny that you should ask that!!!
    Well, after the second shock, I told him, and then I told him we were getting the heck out of the middle of the lake!
    His response was..."What? What happened? Oh, I think you're over reacting!"...
    I told him we were movin'...period...
    I'll admit, once I realized what just happened, I got scared and just wanted to get the heck off the in RIGHT NOW! I mean, we were literally in the MIDDLE of Mosquito lake. Talk about a sitting duck!
    We pulled into a little boat house and made sure that we werent touching any metal.
    The weird thing was that the storm never really came over us, and it barely even rained.
    We stayed under there for about 20 minutes or so, and then went back out. I kept my eye on the sky though.
    That experience was definitely a wake up call for me...
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    I have had the same thing with the fishing line happen to me twice. One time in particular I was at Mosquito and I just cast my jig out and the line would not fall to the water, and as mentioned, if I let out more line it would go higher and higher. It was kinda nerve rattling to say the least.
  9. Hello All
    Lightening scares the crap out of me! I've been close too many times while hunting and fishing? I remember my dad and I were Squirrel Hunting and we got caught in a storm, Well I had static electricity and I sat on a log and laid down the rifle whem WAM! Lightening struck the tree behind me, Talk about turning yourself inside out lol! I looked over at my dad and he was inside this hollow stump laughing his head off! But it is very serious when you're caught on the water! At Salem Reservoir, I had been fishing a grassbed and all of a sudden the line went straight up into the air, Right away I knew drop the rod and duck? And no sooner did I duck in the bottom of the boat, Lightening struck the bank not far from where I was? I was trying my best to haul butt off that lake, But that storm hit with a vengence! Wind, Lightening, Hail,and lots of rain! Had to flip the boat to empty it out! Seek shelter if you see a storm comming or hear thunder close by, It's not worth dying! Take care.

  10. I had the same experience at CJ Brown last year! Bumblebee and I were fishing, and there was a storm approaching. I kept hearing a high pitched buzzing sound (like static on a radio). I finally figured out it was coming from my fishing rod. When I lowered it, the sound would go away, but when I raised the tip, the sound would come back. We figured that could not be a good thing, so we high-tailed it for shore and waited out the storm in the safety of the truck!