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  1. Anyone here know how to check a ballast to see if they're bad? I replaced some lamps in a tanning bed and two of them won't light so guessing it's the ballast. It doesn't have starters and I checked the conections but a new ballast is $100 for that unit and don't want to get a new one if not needed. Also having trouble getting the wires out of the lamp ends,is there a trick to that? Thanks for any help.
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    I have changed many ballast. Leave the wires attached to the sockets. Cut the wires with your strippers, leaveing enough length to easily reconnect using wirenuts,keep the colors straight, make sure power is off. Take a known good ballast and switch it with the one not working. Change bulbs first. How many bulbs per ballast?

  3. There's two bulbs per ballast.using a known good ballast is really not possible unless I buy a new one. Don't want to really use wirenuts if I don't have to, but will if that is my only option. The new ballast isn't cheap and trying to disconnect a good one that's already there would be to much of a hassle. Thought maybe there was a way to check them with a volt meter or something similar. Did find a new one for $70 but before I ordered it wanted to make sure that's the problem. I'm not much of an electrician but can do some things. Thanks
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    I have some ballasts in the garage, electronic and regular, 120 and 277 volts. If you can give me a # from your ballast I will check them to see if they can match. If they do, the price will be right, free!
  5. It's 120volts 60HZ Magnetex 493B2 Triad Electronic ballast. Doubt anyone has that one laying around and they recommend not using anything else at the risk of death! Even though it's my ex-wife's don't want that.
  6. Did you swap lamps? Put a known good lamp in a socket that didn't lite a previous lamp.
  7. yea he did...his ex bought all new bulbs thinking these 2 were bad...swaped the known good ones and still out...bad ballast is still my guess!!!
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    As long as you have voltage coming in...and known good bulbs,there is no guess work...the ballasts are bad.
    As far as I know,there is no way to test them with a standard voltmeter.

    Electronic fluorescent ballasts operate at a line frequency of 60 Hz. with an output of greater than 42 kHz. These high output frequencies pose different test equipment requirements than used for normal 60 Hz. Electronic ballast test equipment needs to have frequency capability of at least 1 MHz. and 1000 volts to provide accurate measurements and not be affected by the high frequencies.

    Magnetic ballasts are cheaper,but they hum like crazy.
    Electronic ballasts light the buklbs faster and do not hum at all.
    You might be asking for all kinds of connection problems by trying to remove the wires from the lampholders.
    I would just use wire nuts and tape them securely with elec tape.
  9. There are three components to a floro light. Bulbs, ballast, and sockets. (I will assume power is present and the wiring is good. If you replaced all the bulbs at the same time that this ballast powers, and if the sockets are good, that only leaves one other cause for the failure.
    Take it from there.
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    Just finished going through my garage, and found no ballasts? I know they were there last fall because I moved them. Have no clue what happened to them? Going to have to do some checking.
  11. Thanks Guys! I ordered a new one should be here in a few days.I'll wait till I get that one before taking the old one out,that way I can do one wire at a time to make sure they match perfect. Sure hope the other seven last awhile at $80 a pop! Glad I just need a fishermen's Tan.
  12. Well got the new ballast in and it works and I'm still alive so I'm happy. There's still 7 old ones so hope they last awhile,not that bad to do but expensive. Thanks guys.
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    Good job Rex! New you could do it.
  14. Good to hear you got 'er going. now if you need another you need to chip away at the price. Try to find someone in the business to make the purchase for you to save some $$$$. You may also be able to do better by going to a supply house just in case you did not do that for the last purchase.