Licking River 9/11/08

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  1. Had another good night on the Licking River. Wife caught the same fish I caught the other day. This time we got the Kiss picture in for puterdude. She is much more attractive then me so I hope it has a nice big growth spurt.

    I caught a even larger fish right before she caught this one. And my bro caught 2 monsters in the final picture...... I would post pics of the big one I caught but it would give away the exact location.



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  3. nice fish andy & that fish will double in length after the kiss:p
  4. Nice.

    Are you fishing north or south of Newark? Grew up around Newark but haven't fished the licking in decades.

    Also, how do you add pics to your post? When I try it says my files are too big. Tried with photo bucket and couldn't get it to load.

  5. Anywhere I am legally allowed to be near the water. Most places are the public parks. I find where people are fishing then I walk farther then they are willing to walk.

    I am a Ox I can carry way more gear then I should so I get to some pretty crazy locations.