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  1. Alright, so I just brought my first baitcaster. I've learned about the birdnest and I learned how to prevent it. I know how to set the brake and even set the spool to the weight. For some reason though I can not seem to cast it very far. And of course if I try to force it I end right back up with the birds nest.

    My reel says it uses 150 yards of 12# line. So I put 12# P-line fluorocarbon on my line. After practicing, maybe 500 something odd cast. I put a lure on it. Very first cast I get snagged. I'm use to 20 pound braided line. This 12# line I can't not seem to get loose for nothing in the world. So, it ends up breaking. After losing about 8 dollars in lures I decide to go with live bait. History repeats itself. I kept having to brake my line because of snags. After about 1 hr and half I lost 5 hooks, 5 bullet sinkers, and 2 lures. I went home highly annoyed yesterday evening. It's clear I'm doing something wrong. But I have no clue what that is.

    I've heard that baitcaster are suppose to be the best casters. I have a closed face zebco cheap rod that I have no problems at all casting. Is that because those rods require no skill to use them? Or am I just so use to using them that it's become easy and now I have to learn that same thing with my baitcaster.

    Short version. I want to watch someone cast my rod and work a lure. Then give me a little feedback of what I'm doing wrong.

    Not sure if this was the place to post this or not. If not let me know.

    I live in Galloway Ohio. Very close to Columbus for those who don't know.

  2. I thought this was a little different. I did see his thread. I did look up a ton of information. I just wanted to see if someone would be willing to meet me somewhere. A community pond or some place not far out. Nothing beats learning things in person. But if I should move it to the other thread I'll do so.

    Edit: I've heard it's good for novice to get out with someone with some experience. I've also heard lots of people are willing to do this. So... that's how this thread came to be.
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    baitcasters are great, i used mine almost the entire time at turtle creek last weekend. just push a button and cast, no line grabbing at all. how far are you from mosquito lake. ill help you out if you can make it there and im off work. by the way, i still get birds nest and anyone who uses a baitcaster does too, maybe not ones that have to be cut out, but birds nest.
  4. I'm about 3 hrs and 16 minutes away according to google maps. That's quite a trip. But thank you for trying. If your ever in the Columbus area let me know. I should have the fishing thing down by then and we can enjoy a day on the lake.

    I'm in Columbus Ohio.