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  1. I'm fairly new to fishing. I've been told that baitcasters are not the way to go starting off. For some reason though I just got to have one.

    Currently I've been looking at this guy right here. http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2194324&cp=2367824.2291514.2291516.2291577&parentPage=family&searchId=2291516"

    Edit: For anti spam reasons I couldn't post this as a url. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    I haven't ran out and jumped on it because of the price tag. I don't mind paying this much but I want to know that I'm getting my money's worth when I do. This thing is suppose to cast with no backlash. It has many different little features on it. Most of which I have no clue what they are. I've been told to go with the magnetic anti-backlash control. That is suppose to make it easier to start off with a baitcaster and even allows you to use them on windy days.

    However, I have no real experience. What do you guys recommend?

    Other info: I'll be fishing mainly on the shore. I just want to catch fish. I just enjoy fighting with them. I really don't care what type it is that I'm bringing in.
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    Any baitcaster can be fished with pratically no backlash if you set it up right for the size and weight of the bait you are using. I like baitcasters that have a magnetic cast control compare to the ones that have centrifugal brakes mainly for the convienence of setting the reel when changing baits.

  3. How is the one I linked? If you can think of a better one in that price range or cheaper I'm all for it.
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    I could not open the link. I copied and pasted the link onto my browser but it still did not work.
  5. It's the Daiwa Team Viento RH Baitcast Reel
    Item Number: 2194324 at Dicks.

    I went to Dicks yesterday and looked at it for about 10 minutes and then picked up a Quantum Escalade instead. Only cost about 69 I think. It didn't have all the nice little features on it that the other 200 dollar one had. But I think it's going to work seeing as to how it is my first real pole.
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    I personally have never fished a diawa reel but own the shimmano curado D 200 which is listed for the same price plus a $50 discount if you purchase prior to 30 April 2008, and it was recommended to me by a friend who buys a lot of top end stuff. I have had it for over 6 years and it is my second favorite reel next to the calcutta I got as a gift. Two different sites to get them.