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  1. I will be in Lexington, Kentucky for a week. I believe it will be in the spring. Does anyone know of any fishing around there? I will have a ton of free time. I don't have access to a boat so a river or a lake i could fish from shore would be great.

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    Lake cumberland 125 miles south of Lexington lg&sm Bass .Stripers up to 50lb lake called cedercreek 50 miles south on us27 to rt150.Hope this help

  3. Cave Run, about an hr east on I-64
  4. Cave Run Lake for bass/muskie/crappie. The tailwaters are stocked with trout and there are a half dozen other trout streams in the area.
  5. I would contact Greg Thomas to book a trip on Cave Run. He's an awesome guide. His website is http://www.battlethebeast.com/. I've had great results on each of my 2 trips (6 total fish boated). He's an awesome guy with tremendous knowledge of the lake. I'd make sure to contact him soon because he books up quickly. The lake is unbelievably scenic, and extremely "fishy". He will cast or troll depending on what you prefer.
  6. I live in Lexington. If you are looking for shore fishing, you're kind of screwed.

    There are several great fishing lakes nearby, a couple of them already were mentioned (Cave Run and Cumberland) but they are not shore fishing friendly.

    The best lakes in the area are (none are shore friendly):

    Cave Run = World Class Muskies & decent largemouths.
    Cumberland = World Class Stripers & Smallies. Good fishing for many other species as well.
    Herrington = Good Bass & Good Hybrid Striped Bass.
  7. I lived in Louisville while going to college. There is a stream that runs on the east side of the city. Look up Valhalla Golf Club that is located on route 60 and the stream runs on the west side of the golf club and then under 60 and 64. I used to park at 60 and wade upstream. The stream should still be the same with the golf course being on both sides of the stream so no development has taken place. There was a hole about 5 1/2' deep that ran about 50 yards then the stream leveled off around my waste. This stream held small mouth, large mouth, spots and crappie. And the fish were good sized ones with tons of them. Word of caution, if you here a loud crack look up and watch for flying golf balls. I had several plunk down next to me while fishing.
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    They are a ton of fishing not far from Lexington,
    Cave Run Lake is not far.. but Lexington is so centrally located it not that far to any where in Kentucky to the south is Cumberland Lake. Dale Hollow
    then they are Rough River near Louisville.

    good fishing