Let's Talk Bengals Draft Picks

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    Say what you will about Marvin Lewis. Some folks blame him for the last two years worth of problems while other praise him. Personally, I think he's done alot for the team and city, but I am extremely concerned about the lack of being able to take it to the next level.

    I look @ the recent draft picks as the problem. Let's take a look:

    1st Carson Palmer QB (1)
    2nd Eric Steinback OG (33)
    3rd Kelley Washington WR (65)
    4th A Dennis Weathersby CB (98)
    4th B Jeremi Johnson FB (118)
    5th Khalid Abdullah LB (136)
    6th Langston Moore DT (174)
    7th A Scott Kooistra OT (215)
    7th B Elton Patterson

    1st Chris Perry RB (26)
    2nd A Keiwan Ratliff CB (49)
    2nd B Madieu Williams FS (56)
    3rd A Caleb Miller LB (80)
    3rd B Landon Johnson LB (96)
    4th A Matthias Askew DT (114)
    4th B Robert Geathers DE (117)
    4th C Stacy Andrews OT (123)
    5th Maurice Mann WR (149)
    6th Greg Brooks CB (189)
    7th Casey Bramlet

    1st David Pollack LB (17)
    2nd Odell Thurman LB (48)
    3rd Chris Henry WR (83)
    4th Eric Ghiaciuc C (119)
    5th Adam Kieft OT (153)
    6th Tab Perry WR (190)
    7th Jonathan Fanene DE (233)

    1st Johnathan Joseph CB (24)
    2nd Andrew Whitworth OT (55)
    3rd Frostee Rucker DE (91)
    4th Domata Peko DT (123)
    5th A.J. Nicholson LB (157)
    6th Reggie McNeal WR (193)
    7th A Ethan Kilmer S (209)
    7th B Bennie Brazell

    1st Leon Hall CB (18)
    2nd Kenny Irons RB (49)
    4th Marvin White S (114)
    5th Jeff Rowe QB (151)
    6th Matt Toeaina DT (187)
    7tha Dan Santucci OL
    7thb Chinedum Ndukwe S

    Out of 18 1st day draft picks, only six were playing today, week #8 of the 2007 season. Unless your team can go year in and year out by signing the top FA's you obviously have to build from the draft. The Bengals historically for whatever reason (injury, lack of performance, or trouble w/ the law) just have a hard time of doing this.

    What's odd is that if you look at the 4th rd picks between 2003 and 2007, there are some fine players there. Jeremy Johnson, Robert Geathers, Stacey Andrews, Eric Ghiaciuc and Domata Peko. Alot of people say that the Bengals have a poor scouting system, but if your drafting fairly high quality NFL starters with your 4th round picks consisnetly, you'r doing something right.

    I have said for years (dating back to the D.Klinger/K.Carter/A.Smith days) that any regular Joe could have done just as good a job IF NOT BETTER @ drafting 1st and 2nd round picks as the stinkin' Bengals.

    Following in this topic, let's take a look at what I think was the worse Bengals draft class in recent memory: The 1999 Class

    1st Akili Smith QB (3)
    2nd Charles Fisher CB (33)
    3rd Cory Hall S (65)
    4th Craig Yeast WR (98)
    5th Nicolas Luchey FB (135)
    6th Kelly Gregg NT (173)
    7th A Tony Coats G (209)
    7th B Scott Covington QB (245)
    7th C Donald Broomfield DE (249)

    Lucikly, there was draft class that stands out in my mind as a GREAT class: The 2001 Class

    1st Justin Smith DE (4)
    2nd Chad Johnson WR (36)
    3rd Sean Brewer TE (66)
    4th Rudi Johnson RB (100)
    5th Victor Leyva G (135)
    6th Riall Johnson LB (168)
    7th T.J. Houshmandzadeh WR (204)
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  2. 4th and goal from the 2 and we kick a field goal. That shows me the coach as no confidence in his players. We get ran on week in and week out. We paly to far off the receivers step up and put hit on someone. Chad cries to much. Maybe if he would finish his route the ball would be there for him to catch. I do think it is the coach. Show some emotion throw the headset down, grab one of those lazy players by the face mask and drag them around the sidelines do something to get this team fired up. 4th and goal from the 2 TAKE A FREAKING CHANCE DO SOMETHING YOU CANT SUCK FOREVER....????

    I'm done now you can have your post back....SORRY

  3. I hear ya bite me he has the offensive talent sapose to of been a brilliant defence coach time to put up or get out. If he loses players cause of misconduct to bad make better choices makes ya thin when you do get a guy injured doin his job if it doesnt fall on the coach then it goes on up the chain of command. Sundays are now open
  4. H2O Mellon

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    You know, honestly the 4th and goal call didnt bother me as much as punting it on 4th and 1 earlier in the game. By kicking the FG it put the Bengals down by 8. A defesnive stop and a TD w/ a 2pt conversion ties it up. I was bothered by the earlier punt though, becasue the Bengals allowed the Steelers to March right down and score, so would them trying for it been worse?
  5. We cant stop anybody on D, offenses get on track against us, look at the Jets and the Chiefs struggling big time before we played them..all of a sudden running up and down the field like its nothing, look at the Browns(no offense meant) but they looked horrible in week 1 and we let them put up 52pts:eek: it was to easy yesterday for the Steelers and I only watched about 45 minutes of the game(at work) if Marvin looks anywhere else other than D in the draft and FA he deserves whatever happens..forget about this best player available crap we need D!!!
  6. I did not get to see the whole game.. where were they when they punted? They needed one stinkin yard for a first down and 2 yards to score a touch down. I think I would rather make a drive where I would only need a touchdown and an extra point to tie the game. who am I kidding they could not stop grandmas bakeing team from running the ball so its a mute point all I know is something needs to be done to shake up the team some heads need to roll. Can someone please step up and do there job.

    we want cower
  7. Our offense has been put in alot of predictable posistions this year in my opinion, we have had to pass to get back in the game because our D just cant stop anybody, Watson has done a pretty fair job with Rudi out but I cant help but think that teams dont respect our run game as much, and with Henry being suspended and our O-Line jumbled around this year it makes passing a risky proposistion as well, it would not hurt my feelings to see them go very heavy on the D in the next couple drafts and D in FA next spring, until we can stop some people we are just spinning our wheels.
  8. Well they should be rested for tomorrows practice seeing how its the first since sundays debockle. As much as it hurts to say i bet Cowher or Billachec would of had em watchin film that evenin and straitening it out in the mornin or maybe theres writeing on the wall we havent got to see yet for mr emotion take a cple days offf Mr. Lewis
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    Guys, I'm not sure if Defensive drafts are the way to go. Lets see.... Hall looks bad, Joseph looks bad....

    Then again I'm not sure free agency is the way either.... Big Sam Adams sure did make an impact huh? What about Hartwell. Shoot, he didnt even make the team!

    I have no clue other to say it's the same old Bengals. :( :eek: :mad:
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    If the players that are coming in are bad, you have to look at the people that are bringing them in.
  11. There is going to be growing pains at CB...Hall is a rookie and Joseph only has a handful more games under his belt, improve the front 7 and get some pressure on the QB and see if it dont improve our secondary, we have to improve our D by any means necessary, if there is a impact guy available in FA take a run at him, everybody and there brother knows our weakness is on the D side, like I said teams get healthy against us, if they want to run they can run, if they want to pass they can pass, our O has a handful of pro bowlers(even though they are not playing very well right now) but our D is a wreck, there is nobody that another team has to plan against, nobody they have to account for.