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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by TAG24, Jun 24, 2008.

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    Seems like more people are having better luck catching bass in recent weeks. At what stage of the spawn do you supose they are in now?

    Also does anyone have advise for targeting SM at Hoover?
  2. fishingredhawk

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    99.9% postspawn. They are settling if not settled into summer pattern.

  3. well i dont know there is that one percent or maybe even more....i do know a guy who seen some bass on bed and also a buddy of mine caught one off bed this week. they might be stragglers, but yes mostly postspawn...ive seen lots of smaller males guarding frye and im guessing the females are deeper
  4. Mostly the spawn is done in every area I've fished so far. If you're going to target SM at Hoover your best bet would be to tie on crankbaits and work the main lake points, and deep edge lines off of any flats areas you come across.
  5. tnant1

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    Caught a nice one Friday night at Hoover. Check it out.
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