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Let's hear the reports..

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by Teeray, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. I know some of you guys must have got out to fish this weekend...where are the reports?

  2. Teeray, I fished down past Louisville on saturday at one of the delayed harvest streams down in KY. Did real well on the rainbows plus it was low 60's and sunny, a great day to be out.
    Yesterday we ( Mad Men TU) had a work day at Pimtown and then Watsons where we dismantled 1 of 2 huge logjams that had wedged it way under a landowners bridge, after that I was too bushed to fish but several others in the group stayed late and got into a few fish, not lots, as the water is still running fairly high but the temps came up and fish were located 1 here, 1 there with not really any pattern from the 4 reports I heard so far from the fly guys. Same stuff and techniques we used.
    Water is on its way up again so looks like Saturday will be better spent down at the BUFF Flyfishing show in Cinci. Hope to see you there and you know where to find some of the other reports (MVFF Board)


  3. .. Forks been fishing well i nall the usual spots! steelhead fishing well its winter lol .. they are being caught with lock jaw and there is some open water not much!
  4. Salmonid,

    I scoured the various message boards trying to find some clue as to where you guys were working Sunday....I was ready to dig in! All I could find was some mention of Upper Valley Pike, but when I looked at my map i noticed that it runs almost the entire length of the river - I had no idea where to start looking for you. I guess I owe you a work day!

  5. Almost forgot.....I plan to be at the show on Saturday with 007. See you then.
    I'll attend the show for a while then go condo shopping in Blue Ash and Montgomery in case I end up moving to Cincy. I guess I'll have to remember to pick up my BUFF memebership info while at the show!

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