Let's GOOOOO Oklahoma!!!!!

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by WVridgeRunner, Nov 30, 2007.

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    Man...i never wanted Oklahoma to win so bad in my life!

  2. Lemmee guess, you want Oklahoma to win so WVU can kick the crap outta' Ohio State in the NC game, right?

    I've turned into quite an OU fan this week, myself, for similar, yet different reasons. Go Sooners!


  3. What the heck. Let's go Sooners and Panthers. :D
  4. Why not? This could be the year!!
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    Man...you're a quick one there Turbo!! Good Guess!
  6. Couldnt agree more:)
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    Although it's been a year of upsets, I am glad to see Vegas has the Sooners favored...I hope they got it right this week! Go Sooner's! And I hope WVU is the upset of the week...really don't want to see the Buck's go up against another spread offense...but regardless, if the Bucks get in, they will still bring home the title!! (That should stir you WVU guys up a little!)
  8. Does anyone know what time WVU plays tomorrow?
  9. misfit

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    supposed to be 7:45.
  10. LOL...it's a sad day when some of the fans of The Ohio State University are affraid to play West Virginia!! I, for one, can't wait to see White/Slaton get bottled up! Go Sooners...WVU fans need a reality check!!!
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    Herbstreit contends that the Bucks would be better off going to the Rose. If they ended up beating Mizzou or WVU, everyone would shrug their shoulders and say, "Well, they still haven't played anyone." The perception is that USC is still the big dog out there and a victory over them is the only thing that can really erase the stain from last year's embarrassment and this year's cupcake schedule in what may be the worst of the BCS conferences. Herbie may be right. Which game do you think would get a higher TV rating, OSU vs USC or WVU vs Missouri?

    WVU has some crazy speed on offense and Chase Daniel looks like the real deal. OSU would need another big game out of Beanie and dominant possession time coupled with a strong field position game and even turnover ratio to handle them.

    No matter how it works out, Ohio State is headed for a great bowl.

    As the saying goes....Be careful what you wish for--you just might get it.

    Go Bucks!
  12. I don't know that I want to play USC 2 times in 4 games though. We have USC the second or third week next season. If we play them in the Rose Bowl they will be pissed off come next season and possibly ruin our season. ;) But then again I'm sure USC will be a cake team next season and everyone will give us the same crap about not playing anyone and blah blah blah.

    Bring on who ever. Am I scared to see what White/Slaton could do to us? Hell yeah. But also back in August the #1 goal was to play for a national championship. So if we get there and get distroyed oh well. We still topped 117 schools. :D

    The Rose Bowl would be great just because of the tradition and the last time we were out there it was a great game. I'm pumped for what ever game we go to.

    Go Bucks!!!
  13. Herby is payed to say that! Lol Kirk would rather see OSU in the NC bar none.
    Who's everybody? And what are they going to say? Like anyone cares what PTI or Corso or May or anyone else has to say for that matter! If college football is going to continue to go without a playoff and have it decided on the field- does it really matter who's there. Someone is going to complain and not like it no matter who does what! I'm sick of hearing ESPN and ANALists, and even people around here talk how OSU this OSU that!
    WVU is a joke, people are just blind. Oklahoma will beat Mizzou and I'll make another prediction! WVU will struggle with Pitt! Then we can all talk tomorrow how OSU will pancake em to death.

    The only true bad deal for OSU is this darn layoff--51 games is just to much of a gap. But Tressel will prove he learned from last year.

    Oklahoma 34
    Mizzou 33

    WVU 38
    Pitt 31

    OSU 560
    WVU -249

  14. If Ohio State fans want to avoid an upset stomach, they might not want to root too hard for Oklahoma to beat No. 2 Kansas or No. 4 Missouri in next week's Big 12 Championship Game in San Antonio. The No. 5 Buckeyes should really save themselves from being embarrassed for the second season in a row.

    The Buckeyes' national title hopes seemed lost when they fell to Illinois 28-21 on Nov. 10. Then Oregon, Oklahoma and finally LSU lost while the Buckeyes watched. But Ohio State's chances of winning the BCS title are still fleeting, at best. Even if the Buckeyes use the back door to the Louisiana Superdome by finishing in the top two of the final BCS standings, they don't stand a chance against West Virginia.
  15. Buzzed, you lost me or else I am missing something. Oklahoma plays No. 1 Missouri today for the Big 12 Championship, not next week. Also, Kansas is No. 5, not No. 2.
  16. Is it just me or is a debate over which game you would rather see the Buckeyes in is futile...if your an OSU fan how can you not want them to play for another National Title. I too think that a Rose Bowl game against USC is a phenomenal consolation prize but of course I want them to play for it all.

    As for the WVU guys...I'm trying not to be a hater. White and Slaton are fun to watch...but exactly who has WVU beaten that they don't have to hear any questions about their deservedness to play for a title???

    The Big East is waaaay down from last season...their non-conference schedule against BCS conferences includes Maryland and Mississippi State (bottom feeders!!). And a loss to South Florida??? Lets watch Illinois play South Florida and see what happens???

    The only reason that WVU has a shot is because they lost earlier in the season than the Buckeyes...nobody can convince me that the Big East is a better conference than the Big 10, even in a down year.

    Anyway, live it up WVU fans...your teams National Championship shots are few and far between.
  17. Young- guns again took words from my mouth- No need to say anymore EXCEPT

    There you have it! A typical West Virginia comment!
    That's about how good their football team is!

    Dude, wake up from your dream- go towards the light! That was the worst post in the history of this forum! I hope your already drunk and just waiting for kickoff!:confused: :confused: :confused:
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    Florida was a joke last year, before they ran OSU out of the stadium...weren't they??
  19. I'm not sure who called Florida a joke last season but any team that goes 8-1 in the SEC doesn't qualify as a joke to me... :confused: :confused:

    Alot of people didn't give the Gators a shot to win but I think it had more to do with how good the Buckeyes were last season.