Lets Go Steelers!!!

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by buzzedredneck, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. CMON AFC NORTH FANS, LETS ROOT FOR PITT. AND OUR DIVISION TO WIN,,, even tho i am ye of little faith, lol.
  2. Welcome to the Fred Taylor show! Let's go Jags!

  3. They havent looked there best the last few weeks(not a good thing heading into the playoffs) but they are at home and its a night game so the place should be rockin, trick is to keep it rockin late in the game.
  4. The Steelers have a lot of injuries, but I think that tonight they get a little payback from the Jags.

    Nobody is giving the Steelers a chance to win……But,

    The run D will show-up, and Ben will carry the O to a BIG victory!

    Next stop, for the payback train………NE!
  5. PapawSmith

    PapawSmith Bud n Burgers

    The only way I could root for the Steelers is if they were in a fight with Hillary Clinton
  6. Thats funny:D
  7. im voting for the real mr clinton.
  8. I'm not counting them out and will be pulling for them but they better come out with intensity. That has seemed to be lacking more than not this year.
  9. Hook N Book

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    It'll be a BIP...! ;)

    That's short for...Beatdown In Pittsburg...! :D
  10. i wouldnt count em out but theres no way i could ever bring myself to root for the steelers..GO JAGS!
  11. Amen RiverRunner....I could not and never will root for the Squeelers. GO JAGS!
  12. sparkywest28

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    yea all u crying browns and cinc fan want the jags to beat the steelers because u couldnt.
  13. Hook N Book

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    Why ruin a perfectly good thread...! ;)
  14. Come and cry with us!!! Go Worthlessberger!
  15. Great game! Better because the Jags were able to pull it off. The Steelers made it very interesting in the 4th quarter, but the Jags had a heck of a last drive.

    The Browns and Bengals may not have beat the Steelers this year, but now the Steelers will be watching games in their living rooms just like the Browns and Bengal players.

  16. Valiant effort but pfffffft. Rooster your tail will continue to droop.
  17. Hook N Book

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    That was a good game to watch...:D But damn, in true stealer tradition, hinds ward, demonstrated once again that the stealers don't play by the rules...!
  18. Yeah, that was a horrible "no call". All in all it was a good game to watch...you have to give alot of credit to Jacksonville for fighting back from what appeared to be a major melt down. Maurice Jones-Drew continues to impress the hell out of me as well!!!

    It should also be noted that whomever #23 is for Pittsburgh should be cut. I watched that replay of Garrards scramble on 4th and 2...what was that guy doing? He looked like he was stuck in the mud! I realize that Garrard already picked up the 1st down but geeez!

    I know that it's a longshot but I'm excited to see the potential New England/Jacksonville matchup next weekend. Go Charers!!
  19. The Steeler nation has fell silent...
  20. Lewis


    Just like with Anderson,Big Ben's interceptions proved to be very costly.